Can I have this Dance?


I am now under 10 days… anyone care to dance?


WooohOooOoohOOo! I am ALWAYS up to dance!!!

:excl: :excl: CONGRATS :excl: :excl:


I may not dance very well but I will join in. CONGRATS! Have a safe and magical trip! :mickey:


I’ll dance with you Cincy! Congratulations!


I am not technically dancing, but I do have “happy feet” going here! Congrats Cincy!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.


Ooo, virtual dancing! :wub:

I would love to dance with you, Cincy! :wink:


Congrats, on your upcoming trip! Dance away! :mickey:


i’ll have a dance with you as well. what a way to start off the new year, by dancing!! woo-hoo!


If you were a chick Cincy I would dance with you. Since you’re a man though, a simple handshake will do. :tongue:

Have a great trip!



Punches Cincy. Then regrets it and helps him get up to dance.


Well…you’re a guy, plus I’m a terrible dancer… So how about I just clap and tap my feet to the music for ya?

Have a great trip…


I’ll dance with ya! However, I wish I were going in less than 11 months. :crying:


I’ll dance with you, right into your biggest suitcase


I’m totally dancing with Cincy right now!


How can you even sleep? I would just be sitting by the door, bags packed, waiting for the week to fly by!!! LOL


Have a great trip, the weather down here is great. Especially b/c back home its only 29 degrees. The crowds were not as bad as I thought they were going to be for this time of year. By the time you get down here, there should hardly be any crowds.

Have a great trip,
daisyd rules,


Thanks MJD, and thanks to everyone else as well. Dopey, I have a suitcase with your name on it. Wish, Palmickey, Dhougton, Lovemysons, Lil, Maria, Tragic, Inluvwdw and Erin thanks for the dance. I will be dancing all week so feel free to stop by.

Dewman and Ingamba, I won’t tell anyone that you both just don’t know how to dance, but that is OK, I will teach you.

Miss Disney, you are correct. it is hard to sleep. Bags will not be packed until the last minute. I know somewhere in Jersey Dana just shrieked, but that is DW for you.

Cavey, thanks for the punch, it was delicious.

Lil, that was a great picture. One of my favorite rides.


I’ll dance with you too…

Grab yer partner, dose e doe…

Have a great trip, sooo wish I was in your shoes…


Thanks Nikki. By the way, where is Nahunta, GA? I lived in Georgia for 16 years and have no idea where you are.