Can I see IllumiNations from Alfredo's?


Just wondering? I have no clue! I’ve never been to EPCOT! Thanks! :heart:


Not from inside the restaurant. They have some tables outside, but I’ve never heard of anyone eating there to see Illuminations. There would be crowds of people in front of you. The Rose & Crown is the only restaurant where you’re guaranteed to see them, if you get an outside table. If you’re eating inside, they do let you go out on the patio to view them.


There is a great spot in front of the Italian pavilion that would give you a view of Illuminations,but it is rented out alot for private parties. I would just ask at one of the shops in italy if that spot is rented out that night.


Thanks! ;c)

I have an ADR for Alfredos, and I just wondered if I could possibly see IllumiNations at dinner…but, my ADR is at 7, so we would of been too early, anyway.

Where should I go to get a good view?


Personally, I always like the vicinity you’ll be in - right around Italy or the American Adventure. Then you have a “full-frontal” (that sounds slightly suggestive :dry: ) view. I’ve seen advice about viewing from Canada, but we tried it and I didn’t like it as much. Depending on when you’re going (sorry Erin, can’t remember what you said), it sometimes isn’t an issue. The World Showcase is so huge, it’s easy to find a good spot when it’s an uncrowded time.