Can I use DDP


…before entering the parks? We plan on checking in on the 13th and heading to Downtown Disney so we can eat. We will start “parking” on the 14th. Can we use our Dining Plan for food that first night or do we have to have entered the parks first?


You can use it straight away I think? I’m sure you don’t have to go into the parks to use it. We went straight to food court after checking in at POR and used ours I am almost sure. Anyway someone here will know for sure.


Entering the parks has nothing to do with the DDP, all you need to do is check in to your resort and get your Key to the World.


Your dining plan is tied into your resort stay. As soon as you check in you can start using your meal credits. Not all of the restaurants at DTD participate. Do your homework before you go, so that you dont have any surprises. It also depends on what credits you plan to use, quick serve or table service. Check out for menus and your dining plan on the disney website to see what is available to you. There are a few table service restaurants there but not alot of quick serve. You may consider getting something to eat at your resort before you head out too. Hope it helps and good luck!


I should have a realized the tie in with the hotel stay. Thanks.


As soon as you’ve checked in you can use as many of your dining credits as you wish until you use them all up or midnight on your last day on that reservation, whichever comes first.
Like others say, do some homework and make sure the place you want to eat is on the dining plan.


Yeah. This was a short notice trip for us. We didn’t know what to do for our anniversary and Disney won out. I’ve always planned out our trips to DW and I’m learning (quickly) that getting dinner reservations is impossible.:frown: There is nothing available at HS on the day we are there.:eek::eek::frown: Time to rearrange the DDP credits.:laugh: