Can non-cast-members get these


I would really like to have a badge with my name on it. There are meetings I go to where I have to put on a stupid “my name is…” sticker, and they’re just annoying. Can non cast members get a name badge or is that a cast members only thing?


they sell or they did sell (haven’t seen them in a while) red ones with your name and they say guest of honor on them, they are the same size as cm nametags.


I believe they have the guest of honor badges at DTD. In the back of the Christmas store. I got mine at one of the outlets.


Well that’s just great, only a short 20 hour drive and I can have one LOL. I was hoping to find a mail order or something. Anybody going there soon that could pick one up for me?? (I’d paypal you the money for it) :slight_smile:


Wow not too bad a 20 hour drive to get something that costs 5 bucks. lol


LOL, my thoughts exactly.

Just in case this question ever comes up again, I’ve found a website where I can order one:

Thanks everyone for the replies to my question. :mickey:


If you want one from Walt Disney World, you can get one here:

Gifts of a Lifetime


As well, ANY Disney nametag, no matter from what branch of the Co. is a HIGHLY treasured piece of the “costume”!

On a security note, if you are in Disney casual wear, and walking through any Disney business, it’s what differentiates those who work there from those who do not.

Please note the stark red of the guest nametags vs. the classic white of the cast members.

And yes, I agree - ANYTHING’s better than those stickers!


Well, I gotta disagree on that. Anyone can get a Disney badge, on eBay or anywhere. What distinguishes the cast member from someone else is their Disney ID. You also need that to get into any secure area. When you are “on stage” (meaning in a non-secure area with guests) - a cast member would be in costume, or a cast member who is NOT in costume should be in work attire (ie, a suit, or dressy workclothes) with a badge and an ID. You are not going to see a cast member in an area where guests are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and a badge. They don’t even allow polos - only dress shirts. A cast member will be in work clothes OR a costume and nothing in between. Disney is pretty strict about this!

My dh had to fight to allow his staff to wear casual clothes on days and weekends where they are burning the midnight oil (he works in IT) - and Disney said NO. Not even a polo. So yes, they are crawling around laying networking cables at 3 am in work clothes. It’s the Disney way.


Gifts of a Lifetime! They have those Guest of Honor badges. Or you can get them at the embroidery store on Hollywood Boulevard at MGM. I think we paid $8 for them this April.


the crew that cleans the busses where I work will normally come across 2 CM naetags a week, however they always come back and ask about it the next day.