Can one person have two DVC rooms at once?


Trying to find out the rules. Right now we have a room at BLT Nov 29 thru Dec 8. We are hoping at the 7 month mark to move to BCV or BWV for 4 or 5 days. Now if we could get all the days in one shot, fine. But I’m worry a day here and there will be available. I don’t want to move 5 times. I have the points, so there is enough to hold the room at BLT while waiting for the waitlist, but is it allowed? My other thought would be if available, book the last few days and hope the other days come thru as time goes by.


Good question and it sounds ok, but I am not 100% certain on that.


I think you will be ok. I booked rooms once and knew I wanted to make a change. I called DVC and was waitlisted and when the reservation became available, they cancelled my old one and sent me verification for the new one.


I do believe that it is possible. Just make sure that you cancel one of them so you are not charged the points.


I don’t see why that would be an issue.


You can definitely have more than one room booked. We did not have any problem getting the rooms at BWV when I called the first day of the 7 month window this last year for this last years December visit. Just be sure that you adjust the allocation of points if you borrow any from your next use year. Once borrowed, they can’t be returned but the CM can make sure that those points are used for your reservation leaving current use year points to bank if you need to. Hope that makes sense. Our group sometimes changes multiple times before a trip so I have had to really be careful.


We are just the opposite. I only banked just enough points into the next yr to cover all the nights at BLT. I didn’t want to bank all our extra points now, just in case we take an extra trip this year.

At 7 months, I’m planning on using SSR points for the other room and then at that point, release the extra days at BLT (and BLT points)


Well, I wrote to MS and this is their reply:

We appreciate your interest in staying at a DISNEY VACATION CLUB Resort.
You may not have 2 reservations under your name for the same dates. You
may book the 4 or 5 nights you wish at the other resort on the 7 month
window using your Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa and the same
day modify your Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort for the
nights you no longer need.

So my plan won’t work. What I’ll have to do is, try the 5 night block. If it isn’t available, call the next day and try for the 4 nights,…down to a 2 night block, then start to waitlist day by day back up to the 5 nights. We don’t want a trip like 4 nights at BLT, 2 nights at BCV, 2 nights BWV, one night BLT.


I booked two rooms for the same time period for our latest stay. I booked one room in my husbands name and the other in my name. We wanted to make sure if my mom went with us, we had two rooms but she was unsure at the time of booking. I just listed my DH on one room and me on the other…no other guests…and they did it without question. We ended up cancelling my room when Mom decided not to go.


Well, the only problem is I already have my DH listed in my room. Do I tell MS we had a big fight and now need separate rooms??? :laugh:

Just to throw this out there…ok, so MS doesn’t want you holding onto two rooms and prevent someone else from booking. But is it any different than someone who had lots of points that book and cancel, book and cancel. I thinking about people who book at busy times with the intention of renting points, and if no one wants them, they cancel.

I’m just trying to make sure we have a block of days. But if it doesn’t work, we’ll just suffer and stay at BLT the whole time. :laugh:


I still don’t see why you can’t have two resorts. We’re going with friends this summer and have two rooms booked with the same membership. We have different names on the rooms but you could do the same.


Well, according to MS, I can’t have two rooms with my name. That’s my point, that you could easily cancel at 31 days because your friends couldn’t make the trip, so why is that different from me wanting to hold two rooms?

I would have to take DH out of the BLT room and try to book/waitlist the other room under his name. But I would have to call, DH doesn’t understand DVC and doesn’t want to. He’ll pay the bills, don’t ask anything more.