Can Passes be used at WDW and DL?


My DH and I are going to WDW in April 2008 and then to DL in September 2008. Does anyone know or know how to find out if we buy a 10 day park hopper pass with no expiration can we use it in WDW and DL? Thanks!:confused:


Nope…they can’t be used at both parks…unfortunately:(


I was wondering about that myself. But we were told the same “No”.


Boy wouldn’t that be great if you could.


You think they would be able to change the remaining days over with ease, it’s not like they would have this happen all the time so they would not be losing any big money. I guess it must not happen enought to make it something they will add to there system.


What do you think these are? Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks where your annual pass is good in all locations?
The premium level theme parks, Disney, Busch/Sea World, Universal only offer location specific passes, excepting the premium level 2 year Busch parks pass.
As far as I know, none of the parks offer tickets that are usable in other parks that company owns.


Good to know! I do think they should allow you to use them at an Disney Park. What’s the big deal… they are all Disney owned and operated!


Unfortunately there is no crossover what so ever, I WISH there was considering I’ve visited both WDW and DL during the same year since 2003. The only good news is Disneyland park hoppers feel a lot less expensive that a WDW one would. I think we only paid about $175. for a 4-day park hopper there. If you buy on-line there is a slight discount. You WOULD think they’d offer some sort of ticket discount for WDW annual passholders, DVC members, etc. but no :sad:


That’s something I’ve always wondered about myself. See, my maingate pass (compensation pass for CMs) allows me to get myself and 3 others into ANY Walt Disney park IN THE WORLD. Disneyland, Paris, Hong Kong you name it. Just because I’ve a Walt Disney World ID doesn’t keep me from seeing the other places. Wish I had time to try it out.


I’m sorry. I’ve been talking as a stockholder, not a park guest.
I think the APs should be usable in the other parks. I think in the case of the premium parks (see above), it would be nice if they sold multi-day, multi-location passes similar to multi day MYW passes, but I’m wondering how much of an issue this really is. We have some park hopper pluses that we’re hoarding that pretty much won’t expire until I do. When I’ve gone to other parks, I’ve simply bought day passes or, in the case of Disneyland, the 5 day parkhopper was included as part of a package.
None of this in any way is an argument.