Can someone answer this DCM question?


This does not have to be answered by cast members, but anyone.

I am a police officer and I deal with a good amount of teens and adults who do not have respect for themselves or others.I enjoy visiting the parks and resorts often to get away from some of the elements of my job.

I know Walt had his ideas of a family park with people coming for fun and togetherness as a family. I know he expects his cast members to be courteous and respectful at all times. Since Walt opened the parks society has changed. So, in this day and age, how do cast members deal with those guests who are very disrespectful and rude?

Or is this part of the magic that envelops you when you enter?


oooooooo- good question…


I know that when I was a cast member for every one rude guest, there always seemed to be 100 really excited, happy guests just enjoying their vacation and I would always try to remember that and not let the Rudie-McRudes get the best of me.

Though I definitely had my share of rude guests that were, um, challenging to deal with, the really sweet guests outnumbered them by a lot. Whenever I had to deal with someone being especially rude, I always just tried to kill them with kindess. It was my experience that when people are super rude to you, they are often hoping to get some kind of a reaction out of you. I always just kept smiling and being accomodating and that always seemed to annoy them more than if I engaged them in a battle!


There is no better way to deal with an unhappy guest than to “kill them with kindness.” Failing to get a reaction will frustrate them more than anything!

But what Karen said is true, for every terrible guest, there seem to be 100 great ones to make up for it. :heart:

It’s difficult. I won’t say that there weren’t days when I wanted to throw something at a guest and tell them to go to Universal! :laugh: But I would have to take a deep breath and remind myself WWWD (What Would Walt Do?) :tongue:


Thanx for the replies, it just goes to show, you have to want to be a cast member to be one. I would assume it’s not “Just another job”. It takes people with a special mindset.


I must say that for every rude person in WDW, there are at least 10 great ones. The shame is that the rude ones are the ones that you remember the most. I feel for the CM’s being a retail manager and dealing with the public every day. Sometimes it’s very hard to keep that happy face…all to hard.:laugh:


Oh, and I thank cast members all the time for their politeness and courtesy. I especially think highly of a cast member named Cam. she worked at MGM at the time. She took great care of our family. So Cam, if you’re reading this, thanx!


i think the whole fact of being at disney kinda calms everyone



I know that when I was a cast member for every one rude guest, there always seemed to be 100 really excited, happy guests just enjoying their vacation and I would always try to remember that and not let the Rudie-McRudes get the best of me. [/I]

Rudie McRudes…That was great Karen. Made me just laugh out loud!



It definitely can. But it also tends to rile people up a bit, because they spend a lot of money to come to Disney. So it can almost make it worse! :wacko: When someone flies off the handle, it’s usually exacerbated by thinking about how much money they spent. And that’s a very common complain for CMs to hear. “Do you have ANY IDEA how much money I spent on this trip?!?!?!” etc. :laugh:


I imagine it can be hard, but i guess you would have to focus on the fact that the majority of visitors are super excited and happy to be there. Let’s face it, WDW brings out the best in (almost) everyone!!


I think dznygrl can speak on behalf that being in Entertainment it’s extremely hard to deal with guests that are being a pain. When we’re helping characters, we can’t speak for ourselves or let a guest know when they’re doing something wrong. In some cases we can’t even defend ourselves against the rudeness that can come. I’ve seen characters been slapped, even pushed down stairs because a guest didn’t get their turn to see them before they had to leave. It’s supposed to be a most wonderful place and it ruins the good times of others when people act like that. But give me just one little 3 year old girl dressed in a Belle costume that wants nothing more than to dance with Beast and I’ll instantly forget all about the rudeness :laugh:


I would like to echo most everything that has been said so far. Most guests are really exctied and don’t mean to cause problems. I try to be patient and listen to what a guest is saying, then try and put myself in their shoes. Sometimes they just need to get something off their chest. But otherwise I just smile, and do whatever I can to help.

If this makes any sense, I’m really glad for the abundance of a team at Pleasure Island. With alcohol involved tensions and emotions tend to run high. I have on occasion felt threatened by the angry guest but the presence of my fellow admissions cast members and Security is very reassuring. Its also nice to have someone back you up if a guest is complaning or arguing about something. So patience and the presence of other cast members also helps.


Oh Rowdy, that is making me want to cry!!!:heart:


I’m sorry,but if a person physically assaulted me,no company can tell me I can’t defend myself. I mean,I know I’d never be Ariel in the grotto,but if some man put his hands on my upper frontals thinking it’s a funny thing,I would tell him to take his hands off me or I’d have him chaged with sexual battery.