Can someone compare Jiko to Sanaa


We’ve eaten at Sanaa and loved it.
Thinking of Jiko, but not sure if it is similar or not to Sanaa?


I’ll give this a bump because I’m curious too.
Gonna have to try Sanaa and Citrico’s once and for all!
We ate at Jiko once, in 2008. It was good and I like anyplace with an on stage kitchen.


We’ve eaten at Sanaa and loved it. Actually 3x. Thinking of Jiko, but know nothing about it.
Citricos was ok. Not a favorite of ours. Liked it better as Flagler’s in the “old” days.


Flagler’s is before my time.
I really liked the short rib at Jiko, as I did the pistachio creme brulee, neither of which are still on the menu.
I’d suggest the curry shrimp and of course the filet mignon.


Is The Wave worth trying?? Sat there for 20 minutes once. No one waited on us so we left. Thinking of trying again.


The Wave is still on my “someday, but not this day” list.


We were not impressed with The Wave at all. Very limited menu - and not very imaginative. It was just sort of “blah”. Although their Creamy Indulgence dessert was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Never tried Jiko - but we didn’t like Sanaa either - but probably not the restaurant’s fault. We’re just not fans of Indian food (I didn’t really notice too much African influence).


I’ve been to both…but it was in May 2009. We really enjoyed Sanaa a lot more than Jiko. Sanaa was just a bit more exotic and unique, while Jiko was nice and the food was good, just nothing special. To me, Jiko has the same type of food, with just a bit more oomph and atmosphere than most upscale WDW restaurants (california grill, flying fish, yachtsman’s steakhouse, etc…), but Sanaa was really a cool, unique, and flavorful experience…have fun!


We ate at Citrico’s once, it was okay. I think part of the problem was I was expecting so much more and it didn’t live up to my expectations.


Bump bump, I am curious too! By the way, SG, we did the Wave and Citricos both this year for the first time. The Wave is fantastic, I was actually shocked it was a one credit. The food is comparable to me to the California Grill without all the fluff. It was that good. Citricos was great too, we did it as a last minute option and the place was EMPTY. Fantastic food, great service, we loved it. I have had so-so and bad at Disney, neither even came close to that category. Now, I really want to hear about Jiko and Sanaa. We have had ressies at both and canceled the day of. We canceled Jiko this year for Citricos due to a HUGE rainstorm and Citricos was easy access.


>>Wave is fantastic, I was actually shocked it was a one credit. The food is comparable to me to the California Grill without all the fluff. It was that good. Citricos was great too<<

This is good to hear. We may have to try it.
My wife won’t go to CA Grill. She detests the “deposit.”
And the last time there, the service lacked. Waiter never came to pour the wine, when we did, he was a bit upset.

Had dinner at Artist Point last nite. Marvelous food. Salmon was really great.
Territory Lounge on the other hand… my wife had a martini and the glass was barely 1/2 full. I made a comment to the waitress who commented that everything is done my “measurement!!!” Hummm… Not happy w that answer. Never seems to be that way at any other restaurant/bar in Disney, but I’ve learned to pick my arguments and it wasn’t worth it. To bad I paid it w TIW and there is an auto 18% tip.

BTW, anyone here ever go to Old Hickory @ the Gaylord??? Friend told me it was not to miss for steaks. We’ve been doing Shula’s and love it. But I’m always up for something new.