Can someone explain to me how Pleasure Island has changed?


I recently heard that PL changed the way they charge? Does anyone know how and why? We have Fl. res. premium AP’s. They are supposed to include PL. Will they still or has that changed?


I believe that if they included PI when you bought them, they should still include PI. Can’t help other than that, unfortunately, but if Disney took one of the perks off of the ticket, they’d be guilty of false advertising. Does that make any sense?


yeah, that makes sense, but I hope they would be willing to do something about it if that is the case !


Dang, here I was thinking it was on PI’s changes in terms of what they have there and such. There really has been a lot lost without a lot of new replacements, so I do wonder about its future.


I was thinking the same thing chastmastr…


So are you saying you think PL is going downhill?


The change was that you no longer have to pay admission to get into PI itself. This was to allow guests to be able enter to shop (ie give money to Disney) without paying.

You still need PI admission to enter the clubs.

So, you can either pay PI admission at the entrance like you used to, or you can pay at at one of the clubs. They still give you the bracelet that shows you paid. You either pay at the door to a club or flash them your bracelet.


Thanks Ddoll !!! That clears it up !!!


I miss the old New Year’s Countdown from years ago (it wasn’t as good the last few years – they used to have live dancers and acrobatics and kind of a storyline) – the Jazz Club – the Neon Armadillo would have been nice to show the cub – the old really good D’Zertz place… they had liqueur truffles and such…


There reportedly are big changes in the works for PI, including the demolition/rehab of the West End Stage. There’s a persistent rumor that WDW is about to strike a deal with Lucky Strike Lanes to bring one of their bowling “lounges” to PI. The Lucky Strike concept includes – in addition to bowling – a restaurant, bar, cool music and artwork and billiards.

To me, this doesn’t seem to fit the Disney mold but I guess we’ll see.


I’m just wondering if the Adventurer’s Club and Comedy Warehouse are going to withstand the demo.


I’ve heard that the Adventurers Club likely will be a casualty but that the Comedy Warehouse will survive. Just rumors, though – nothing official.


I can’t WAIT to see PI…are there quite a few clubs you can go into if you’re under 21 but over 18? I hope so! Obviously no drinking, but I don’t really do that anyway, I just :heart: to dance. Glad you don’t need admission anymore, that’s a good ploy to spend more on holiday :wink:


You have to be over 21 to get into any of the clubs unless you are escorted by parents.


I think I will cry if they close Adventurers’ Club.


Yes. It’s the only truly unique thing in PI.


oh pooh, so no PI for me…what is the adventures’ club?


Admission to Pleasure Island is free. There is a charge, though, if you want to go into any of the clubs.


Not sure if this is the place for my question, but since we are talking about PI, if I use one of my park hopper tickets to get into PI (since I upgraded it to include the water parks & PI) then is that the whole day gone if that is the only place I used it at that day? Just wondering if it’s worth it or not, as I LOVE the parks more than PI. I guess what I’m trying to say is that wouldn’t it be more worth it then to just buy my ticket for the evening @ PI, then have a whole day @ MK or something like that?

Thanks for your help!!

Can’t wait for Thursday!!! Checking in to the GF!!


Close the Adventurers Club? Say it ain’t so!