Can someone help me find this EPCOT logo?


I am trying to find this EPCOT Center logo as a JPG image & I can’t find it anywhere. It’s actually the logo I wanted to put in the banner of my signature but all I found was the logo on a T-shirt! Can anyone help me find the actual logo as an image file?

Thanks! :flowers:


Are you sure that is an actual park logo and not just something that they put on a shirt?

I am just asking because if you go to - Disney Themed Fonts they have Prototype 25 which is a font of 25 years of Epcot logos and iconography and i don’t see a logo like that in the fonts… although they could have just left it out of this font program.


I found these:


I found this one. Ill see if I can find the one you are looking for.


One more. I tried to google it but have no luck so far


Ok… Lat post :laugh: I took the orig pic and tried to cut out some of it. I dont know if it turned out so lets see :whistling

EDIT!!! NEVER MIND!!! I dont know what Im doing:wacko:


haha, thanks guys. I took the one that Jen found. Very cool. I love the old rainbow one but I’ll have to keep looking. :smile:


Doesn’t have the one you want, but check out this link!

Category:Disney logos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


This is the closest I could find!


I just recreated it for you!! Not 100% but close! :whistling



I just recreated it for you!! Not 100% but close! :whistling[/QUOTE]

my, you are talented!!! very close!


Well my parents didn’t pay for 4 years of Art School for nothing! :biggrin:


If somehow we could copy a version of the old ESPN logo … it would resemble the Epcot logo that Jess is looking for. :cool:


Thank you Jen, your talents always amaze me! :smile: Now I have to figure out how to get that logo into these tiny signature banners without it losing quality like I always seem to have a problem with. :pinch:


Did you try Maybe someone there will be able to help you.


I can make it any size you want and save it in any format!


Hey Jess …This is not an Epcot pic but I thought you might like to add it to your collection … It’s one of my fav’s


Hah! I can’t help you with the logo (although Jen already did a fabulous job with that), but my husband has this shirt! We saw it on someone during our trip last September, but couldn’t find it anywhere…then he found it somewhere in Epcot this March. He is OBSESSED with old-school Epcot. He’s only had the shirt a few months, but he wears it so often that the black is already fading. There’s a yellow t-shirt at Epcot that’s also really retro looking and amazing. I’m hoping to find it somewhere next week…we aren’t going to Epcot this trip so I’m not too hopeful.


You need to go tell him to join our “Old School EPCOT” thread!!!


Here’s the awesome yellow one I mentioned (just 'cause).