Can this be done? keys


Can you get an extra room key for say, grandma taking the kids back to the room for a nap? This dec my DD is staying at BLT and we SSR/BCV. Since you need a room key to access the walkway to BLT, it would be handy not to have to be giving rooms keys back and forth.


I wouldn’t see why not…they should definitely be able to accommodate a request like that.


Your DD could just get an extra key w/o charging privilages for one of the kids and give it to you, unless she has tickets on the keys as well.


I’m pretty sure they are going to get APs so that might work.


A few years back, I got a pair of keys for a friend of mine and his 15 year old son who were up that same weekend (but staying off property) so they could join us during an MK EMH. We were staying at WL and they made us the keys, minus charging privileges. And I did explain exactly why I’d wanted them to the front desk CM.