Can You add Days to No Exp Tickets? or buy 10 Day/No Exp?


I am trying to get the best deal possible. My husband can get discount tics from job for a 5 day hopper/no exp for $269, however we plan to go to Disney every year for at least the next 7 years as my youngest kid is 3 yrs and my oldest is 12yrs. I was considering purchasing the tics from hubby’s job and adding days as needed or just buying the 10 Day/No Exp from Disney. The difference is the 10Day / No Exp is $30 per person per day, and the other ticket is about $50 per person per day. What do you experts suggest! Help we are going for 10 days the week before and during Thanksgiving (and 2 days after):.


Your best bet is getting an annual pass…maximum savings all around. If you are going for ten days this year and again next year, it is the best all around deal.


I plan on going for 1 day this year, 4 days next year (2 days each time I go in 2008) and 2 days in 2009. We break up our trips when we go to Florida with 3 days in Orlando and 4 days at the beach in Pompano or Daytona or with a cruise.


You can only upgrade those tickets within 14 days of their first use


Hmm, thanks for letting me know that.