Can you believe it!


I am so excited. I made a reservation today for January for DS 2nd birthday. I know it is going to be cold but I don’t mind(we are from Miami so it WILL be cold for us). I have to keep checking because the Florida resident rates haven’t come up for the time of our reservation. Anyways, just had to share this exciting info with you guys.


Congrats to you on your upcoming trip. I don’t think it will be to cold for you…jeans and a sweatshirt will be the worse case I think…maybe a light jacket, but who cares it’s WDW!


Congrats and happy planning!!!


I hope you are right about how cold it will be.


Congrats on your trip! Hope you have a ton of fun!!


Good for you! Matter of fact, my wife and I just got off the phone with AAA inquiring about 2/6-2/11.


Good for you LuvDisney24.

We are from Brandon, just outside of Tampa, so I understand the cold comment. We celebrated my youngest DD’s 1st and 2nd birthdays at WDW and this December we are celebrating her 3rd as well.


Congratulations!:cheshire: I’m still trying to wrap my brain around “cold”…:huh:


I’m thinking of holding off until Feb. in hopes that it might be a few degrees warmer but i’m not too sure. Any comments???


that’s awesome !! congrats on booking a trip!


YEAH… that is great news…

Don’t forget to get birthday pins for your son in all 4 parks and in Downtown Disney too.


what do you consider cold? whatever you think may be cold, just think - it could be worse… in january, i will be shoveling snow here in jersey… :laugh: :laugh:


we went in January in 2005 & it was 60-70’s all week. We wore jeans and long sleeves and just took jackets (just in case). Hopefully you will have just as nice weather. Have fun!!


CONGRATS!! I bet those codes will be out before long! I’m very happy for you! I bet you can’t wait!

Where did you book?


Congrats on your upcoming trip!:happy: I’m guessing I’m not the best person to ask about the cold…considering it is snowing outside today!!!:laugh:


How fun! Where will you be celebrating the big 2? :cheshire:


OH I so hope it will be like that when we are there.


I hope you are right about the codes. I check every morning online when I get up. We made reservations at WL. I am too excited.


Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s. On our last trip, my son was afraid of a lot of characters except for Mickey so I guess that is our best bet.
:mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: :mickey: