Can you believe it!?


I just did a “test run” for a vacation price. From May 20-25th @ Caribean Beach, w/6 day base ticket w/Waterpark option and magical express it was $1500. Plus we would get the $500 GC! So, we wouldn’t need the dining plan! Plus, i went to Southwest and found airfare that got us to MCO @1230pm and got us out to Philly on the 25th @1120 at night, so we would have that whole last day in a park!!! Plus, the air was only $430, it would be $30 cheaper if we left at 630am, but I just cant leave at 4am to get to the airport. now, I just have to convince the BF to go (might not be that hard as it is Star Wars weekend) and come up with the money!!!


Go, but just avoid the Studios on the weekend, other than that- you should be good…


Awesome! COngrats, sounds like FUN!


How are they going to avoid the Studios if her BF is explicitly interested in attending the Star Wars weekend?:blink:


Okay, after reading this I guess I need to go check out a test run. Is there a way, on the website, to get a quote on a room if you are an annual pass holder?


I’m not sure if you can plug in the pin codes on the site or not for AP discounts… but depending on hotel choice and length of stay from 1/1/10 - 6/3/10 Disney’s offering a 35-45% for AP holders. (They may not be offering it during Star Wars weekend though since some dates are blacked out). Good Luck! :blush:


I would do it. Matter of fact i was thinking of taking a quick trip 3/11 -3/14 for my big 30bday. It would be a super quick trip perhaps just my youngest and i but cant find good price on air.


I just looked on Southwest for you for those dates. Cheapest I found was $112 per person going out and $144 coming back =(