Can you buy extra points on a credit card?


It definitely won’t happen anytime soon, but can you call DVC direct and buy extra points through them?

I figure it would be nice to rack up a few points on the Disney Visa card while extending the DVC points as well


I may be way off base, but – My understanding is that you can use your credit card for part of, if not all the transaction. How many points are you thinking of buying? Because I think you have to buy a minimum number of points to go through DVC, though. For fewer points, I think you might need to go through resale. I know someone will be along who can tell me if this is right or wrong…


No I mean to buy additional points to an existing contract.


Yes, you can buy points with your credit card. However, if you finance it through Disney and are paying monthly payments, your interest rate will be higher if you use a credit card instead of a bank account draft.


I’ve bought EVERY contact I own on credit card. I use GM credits for car, Southwest Airlines Visa points for free flights, and AMEX rewards points for my Alaska Cruise.

I thing the Disney Visa only offers the special finance rates on part, like the downpayment.


Thanks folks for the feedback.

When the time comes that we purchase points, I would pay it off completely with the credit card and then pay off the bill when I get the statement.

Again, this will be a few years from now unless one of us wins the lotto lol


I apid for it all on GM card and got 5% back …I had no problem …and appreciated the 5%


I would LOVE to get all those Disney rewards points by purchasing it via the Disney Visa card although, I would have it pay it off REAL fast via a different means of LOW apr financing 'cause I could never sleep with myself at night if I let it sit on a credit card. I would love more DVC points though, just don’t have anywhere near the $ right now. I think we will eventually add more though.


that is a great idea! I put my down payment on my credit card and then just paid it off. I have a aaa card so I get the vouchers to put towards other travel or my membership costs. If we do the free dining we will be using our vouchers for the room. That way when we submit the bill we get reimbursed from Ed’s job for something I didnt pay for…he he he


I’ve called DVC and purchased add-ons with my Disney VISA. I’ve done this 15 times and it’s fast and easy. I love using the Disney Rewards card to pay for some nice Signature Dining on our trips.


Wow, 15 add ons? I’m impressed!

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Welcom to MB DVC Mike! You will find the people here very friendly. 15 add-ons sounds great!


Absolutely! We did this and got mega Disney points!!


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You won’t find any people here slamming you for renting points! (Some people just don’t get the whole commercial rental deal do they?)

Mike is a wealth of knowledge on DVC at Feel free to pick his brain.

As far as using your credit card to purchase…it’s a great way to di it provided you are going to pay it off. I’ve bought as many as 260 points at once. DVC will split it between cards, and even allow you to make a deposit then call back with other payments as you pay your credit card balance off. Most of us don’t have $30k credit lines but you can do like I did. Put $5k on each of 2 cards. In a week or so when the charges had posted, I payed them off online, then called DVC in another week and charged another $5k.

I’ve gotten something like $1k in GM card credit and a free flight on SWA.


We also paid for all our points on our Disney Visa. I had put down half for depo, then paid the other half a month later. Good amount of points also.