Can you cancel airline tickets and get a refund?


We may have a glitch for our September trip, but we’ve already purchased airfare. Does anyone know if it is possible to cancel and get a refund for tickets purchased?


Depends on the airline. Did you book a refundable trip? If not, you may have the option to move the flight to another time, but I don’t think a refund looks good.


I’ve never heard of that either sadly- do you have travel insurance? Maybe you can claim the cost of the flight back that way. Otherwise as the trip isn’t until September, maybe the airline will show some compassion and offer at least a partial refund I hope- they would still have plenty of time to sell the seats. Also, depending on your reason, if it were medical and verified by a doctor then that might help to persuade them to refund too.

If you are going to re-book at a later date maybe you could ask about crediting you for the none taken flights? I know here if you change anything on an airline reservation they find a way to charge you! Good luck:heart:


We always use Southwest Airlines and they have a pretty good change policy. Some tickets are refundable, depends which level of ticket you bought. I booked a work trip for my boss through Delta and was shocked that a change cost $250 on just one leg of the trip! Hopefully your airline won’t charge too much.


Thanks for the replies. I kind of thought this was the case. We’ll see what we can work out if it is necessary to change.


Southwest is good about their policies … If it’s non-refundable, they allow you to use them up to a year … Kinda nice.
Hope it all works out …