Can you Double Book a PS?


Can you make 2 PS’s for Dinner for the same day at about the same time (say 5:30 at The Contemporary and 6:00 at the Sci-Fi)? I did this a few weeks ago since I wasn’t sure where we would want to eat on that particular day. I called last night to confirm all of my PSs, and the lady said it was against Disney policy to have double bookings. So, I was sort of forced to cancel one or the other. She said periodically they run reports and if the computer sees a double booking it will automatically delete the first PS that was made, assuming you really want the latter one. I made a double booking for the night we’re eating at the Poly for the Luau, just in case of bad weather we’d have an alternate place to eat. When I originally did this, the person I talked to said that was a good idea. Now the lady last night said I couldn’t have both. Does anyone really know the rules? How hard would it be to get a PS on a given day for dinner that same evening? Thanks for your help.


Hey Cathy, this is a really interesting concept…I never thought of it before, but it sounds like a smart idea if you’re really not sure where you want to end up eating. I can understand why it’s against Disney’s policy, but I wonder if you could make the second PS under a different name? I mean, they ask you where you’ll be staying when you make your PSs and the second time around you could just give a different name and say you’re staying offsite? They’ve never checked for ID when I’ve showed up for a PS. :confused:

Sorry, it’s probably a really deceitful idea. :blush: But I wouldn’t see the harm in it if you only did it for one or two days out of your trip?


You are not allowed to book double PS’s. They list your pses by your phone number or reservation number. When duplicates days/times come up, they delete the first one. I can see why you would want to have a back up plan with the Luau, but with the other days, why not just make your decision once you get there instead of booking a PS? You can make PSes once there. Just do it early in the day…like morning time. You should know which park etc you are going to do by then. Not to sound wrong here, but if you double book, you are preventing somone else from getting that table. It’s kinda not fair.


I hadn’t thought about double booking PSs. I guess Disney would have to have a way to deal with this so it’s fair to everyone. Do they cancel the Luau if it rains? If not, this has to be cancelled 48 hours out to get your money back. If you don’t go because it’s raining didn’t you already pay for it?


Well, I’ve always double booked PSs and never had a problem. How do they know you’re not making one PS for your husband and son and another for yourself and your daughter? Maybe you have friends coming in that night and the teenagers want to go to Chef Mickey’s and the adults want to go to California Grill – is Disney going to make you all go to the same place just because the PSs are on the same reservation number?

I’ve been told by CMs that they’re not really supposed to double book PSs on the same phone call, but if you hang up and call back, there should be no problem. I don’t really feel guilty about it because I always go during the off-season when there are usually plenty of tables available, and, as the vacation gets closer, I call and cancel the PSs that aren’t going to work out.


Yes, they cancel if it rains, but call them anyhow on the same day (even if it’s raining) to make sure that it’s cancelled. If it’s not, then it’s probably just sprinkling, if it is cancelled, your credit card should get refunded.


Thanks, Jenny. I have not been to the Luau before, it’s on my list of things I want to do but we just have made the time to fit it in yet. I thought there might be a covered area that would allow the luau to go on even in the rain.


The dining area is covered, but the stage isn’t. We’ve done this show 3 times and never been rained out. Even if it rains early in the day, don’t count on the show being cancelled - you know how FL storms come and go.:mickey:

This is one of our favorite things to do - I can’t wait to read your TR and see how you liked it.


Try booking under another name i.e. your husbands name…give a cell number instead of your landline…
we’ve never double booked…bc we are usually pretty positive about where we are going to eat…but just in case i think you could probaly do it this way…


See, that’s my take on it. I think it’s okay to do it if you are going to do your best to cancel the one that won’t work out. And like you said, how do they know you don’t need 2 PSs, for different members of your group?

At least in the off-season, I don’t see a problem with it. BUT that is MHO, and probably not one that everyone will agree with. :laugh:


I, personally, am glad that they don’t let you double book. That keeps other people from being able to get the time or restaurant that they want to eat at. Just think if people could double book CRT…the PS’s would be that much harder to get! Even in the off season I have not always gotten the time or restaurant that I wanted for each day. I know that there is always a way to get around the rules, but I guess I prefer if everyone plays fair.


sigh Okay, after much thought, I really have to agree.


Although our "90 day " mark won’t be for several months, all this talk about double booking scares me. If many people did this, there won’t be enough space to go around. I was thinking of making 4 or 5 PS, and just wing it for the rest(we’ll be there for 14 nights in off season). But now I’m thinking maybe I should make one every night just to make sure we can get in somewhere. The thought occurs, that if we went to a show and one person was “saving” seats for people and in another section, someone else was saving seats for the same group of people because they didn’t know where the group wanted to sit, we would be upset knowing we are sitting in a rotten spot because of all the “saving”. I think this is the same as double booking.


Double booking, while it may seem smart, it’s not entirely fair to people who are trying to make committments to eating at certain times at certain places.

I never knew about the “auto delete” scrubbing that they do, but that would probably explain why some people get their reservations lost occasionally.

The reason that some castmembers will allow it is because they don’t actually know all the rules. There are a LOT of them. Which is why sites like this are so good.

My best recommendation is to make the PS for the place that’s most likely to book up, so that, like Dana said, you can just show up and get a seat for the other one. You can always call on the day of the PS, or once you’ve firmed up your plans to see what the deal is.


I have no problem with double booking. I did it on Easter because I didn’t know which park Iwanted to be in. I did it on the same phone call and the CM didn’t say a thing.


Just an update – I just got off the phone with Disney Dining, and specifically asked the CM if the computer would delete a double booking. The answer was no – the computer does NOT delete double bookings. FYI. :slight_smile:


How many times do you think people make a PS and not show up because they are too tired, changed their mind about where they wanted to eat or got side tracked by something? I would think if you didn’t abuse the double booking, that it really shouldn’t be a problem. Especially since Disney doesn’t have a system to delete them. You know if it was really a problem, they would have developed a way to do it. I think when you have a PS for an outdoor dinner, it’s a good idea to have a backup. Chances are you’ll know by that day what the weather is going to do and can cancel the unused PS allowing other people to use it.


Glad I found this. I was wondering if people did this or not.