Can you have your name on more than one room?


The game plan for our trip in dec is to have two studios. One at BLT (keep those fingers crossed) and one at BCV or BWV. Our DD family at one and DH and I in the other. The idea is too have an extra name at each studio so we can have a key to the other’s room. DD will have a 6 month old baby and a 4 1/2 yr old. We thought it would be great to be able to go to the closest room for naps. And if we have the extra key, we won’t have to worry about meeting up or passing a key back and forth. So has anyone done this?


On our vacation in December, we had two rooms and each had my DH’s name on it.


DVC won’t know if the same name is listed twice, especially if you don’t book the rooms at the same time or cal later and add a name.


Did he have a key for both rooms?


Yes. They were regular room keys, with no park passes included on them. IN fact, DS also had a room key for both rooms as well.

We had a 1-br at BWV for the entire vacation but got a studio down the hall for one night so we could each have a bed and really stretch out. The CMs asked that we have one adult on the registration for the second room, so DH and DS had keys to both rooms for that night.


Well for BLT we are hoping in a few days we will have the room and for the BCV/BWV we will have to try in April to switch from SSR. So it sounds like that should work.


Yes, that’s all we would need. We would be getting APs , so that doesn’t matter. Thank you.