Can you help me find


Can you help me find something for my mom?

Last year on our trip to Walt Disney World my mom found a figurine that she just loved. Due to weight restrictions and getting it back to England she didn’t by it.

I was think about buying it for her for her birthday but cannot find it.

It is a figurine of Mickey Mouse shaking the hand of a firefighter from, I assume the September 11th disaster (as this what it said in the store). It stands about 8 to 10 inches high.

Does anyone no of any online shops that would sell it? I also phoned Disney earlier in the year and they could not help.

Here is the item, which is no longer available:

Disney Shopping: Mickey and Fireman Figurine - The LaughingPlace Store

Any help from you guys would be appreciated.

Thank You



If it’s no longer available in stores you might try to find it on Ebay. You can buy almost anything there…seriously. But I know alot of collectors who find retired figurines there, some at reasonable prices. Good luck with your search!


I do know that you can find the “trading pin” with Mickey and the firefighter on ebay. Not sure about the figure though.


It’s there in an ebay store for around $90. I just checked. Search for “Disney Mickey Mouse Firefighter figurine”


ebay to the rescue!! Hehe!


DISNEY MICKEY MOUSE WITH FIREFIGHTER FIGURINE - (item 190139169960 end time Aug-14-07 18:54:10 PDT)


Thanks people. Exaclty what I was after. It was just one of those ‘I wish I’d bought it when I saw it’ kind of things.

Thank You



I know what you mean DM, many a time I have ummed and aaahhed over whether or not I should buy something, worrying about if I can get it back to the UK or not without a problem. Only to be kicking myself when I get home because I wished I had just brought it and not been quite so sensible. Hope you win your item on Ebay though, Ill keep everything crossed and ps…welcome to MB! nice to see my fellow Brits on here!