Can you help me with my ADR choices?


I know I am early here, but we’re taking a non Disney vacation in a couple weeks, and the first day I am home I get to make my ADR’s :happy:

The more I think about this, the more undecided I get. Please take a look and let me know what you think :flowers: We are 2 adults, DS will be 3.5 and DD will turn 5. We are not insearch of fine dining, and I am doing this thinking we will NOT get the DP (so no worries about ‘wasting’ a TS credit).

Saturday: We arrive late this afternoon and will be on CA time. I am thinking of an ADR at Kona Cafe for a late dinner. Or maybe I should just do 'Ohana to kick the vacation off?

Sunday: We will get a late start this morning, I’m sure, so I plan to make an ADR for a late lunch at SciFi. My family will love it here, even if we just have burgers and shakes.

Monday: This is our first MK day and plan on a late breakfast ADR at Crystal Palace , but I wonder if a late character breakfast is a bad idea, but I do not want to plan an early meal. Anyone have any experience with a late breakfast ADR here? We might tank CP this day and try it early Thursday instead.

Tuesday: I plan to snack around EPOT all day, and make an ADR at Rose and Crown for dinner . I think by this time my DH will need some comfort food, and this will do it for him. But if he’s not needing it, we may try Le Cellier or we might just might wing it.

Wednesday: This is our day off from the parks. I think I may make an ADR at Beaches and Cream for lunch or a low key dinner, but I’m not sure if they take them there. Or we just might wing it. Or…??? Any non-character, non-park suggestions? We won’t make this a late night.

Thursday: This is DD’s birthday and MNSSHP. We will have an early dinner at 1900PF. I am torn about breakfast (see Monday). We might do an early CP breakfast this day, but I’m not sure I want 2 buffets in the same day, even if it’s the only 2 times we eat this day…thoughts please?

Friday: This is our AK day, and I’m going to Tusker House for breakfast and lunch, lol (I know, no ADR’s). I am very confused about this night as it’s our last night :sad:. Chef Mickey’s might be busy, but it’s our last hurrah. Maybe we should do 'Ohana this night and not the first? Kona Cafe? Somewhere else? I’d like to be somewhere we can see Wishes, even if it’s not from the restaurant. Help :frown:

As always, I value your opinions! TIA :mickey:


Nope. No one around here has any opinions on any of that stuff.

I like the idea of a vacation “kick-off”, and while I haven’t eaten at Kona Cafe, I think I’d choose 'Ohana, just because there’s a lot going on for the kids. It just seems like more of an immersive experience.

Would you consider Chef Mickey’s for the first night, or would that just be too much overstimulation after the plane ride? I like it as an idea for the last night.

Could you kick the vacation off with a Crystal Palace dinner and then do Ohana at the end? (I’ve got a 4 year old who is wild about the Pooh characters, but since we are morning people we’ll be doing breakfast there one of the first mornings.)

I think you’re right about not doing two buffets in one day.

Maybe on your non-park day you could take a boat to DTD and have lunch at Earl of Sandwich? For DS4, that would be an event in itself. Maybe an early-ish lunch, blow off dinner entirely and just feed the kids ice cream at Beaches and Cream. You’d be the Best Mom Ever! :laugh:


Id do Ohana if you have kids…
I don’t like the late character breakfast at MK 'cause I’m too hyper to get at the park. I’d do the late breakfast on the non park day.
Also on the non park day, why not do Trails End Buffet at Fort Wilderness? Great Food, price is good and lots to see at the fort. (Grab a cool drink at Davey Crockett’s and sit on that porch!)
Go for Rose and Crown at 8 and you’ll be set for Illuminations.
If you are planning LeCellier or some nicer places, you still might want to go for the dining plan.
I like park fare for dinner. Where are you staying?


Thanks Andrea, I know it’s hard to get members to post about food here, lol :wink:

I think CM would be a big mistake our first night. I like the idea, but I don’t think my DH is going to want to jump in with both feet that first night!

I didn’t even think of CP for dinner that first MK night. Hmmmmm…now you’ll find me back at the menus. I have heard rave reviews for breakfast there, so that was my mind set. We usually are morning people at DL, but I don’t want to push an early b’fast that first MK day–but maybe the last ADR for b’fast, or maybe dinner.

Earl of Sandwich is somewhere I was considering for lunch, and blowing off dinner would make us all happy.


Thanks bribren :mickey: We are staying at POFQ.

I was thinking of CP for a late breakfast, but I hope to already be in the park and have a few attractions under our belt. I just don’t want to make an 8:30 or 9am ADR that I am running to try and make as the kids may still be 3 hours off.

I forgot about Trails End. I might have to look into the campfire for our day off.

I agree with you, if we decide to ‘up’ the dining experience the DP is a great value. My DH isn’t sold on HAVING to dine somewhere because we have already paid for it.


With the dining plan, there are only a few restaurants (mainly the dinner show ones) that require pre-payment. All the others are just regular ADR’s that you can cancel the same day if you need to. It looks like you are planning enough table service restaurants that it would make the Dining plan worthwhile… maybe your husband thinks that you are committed to eating at the specific restaurants that you make the ADR’s for?

A lot of the table service ones you mentioned (Ohanas, CP, etc) have prices of $24 - $30 per adult meal. If you pay outof pocket you also have to buy a drink and pay tips and taxes. Which would probably be about $30-$36 for each meal. And for the $37.99 daily meal plan price you can also get a snack and counter service AND drinks,taxes and tips are included…

The way I see it, I am using the dining plan because I feel that the counter service meals and snacks are either free or basically free each day …


I like your choice of a late lunch at Sci-Fi. My family loves it there also, and we have done later lunches there many times.


Oh, sorry Flo :blush: , I meant that the DP is pre-paid, and that DH doesn’t want to feel as if he HAS to use 7 TS, 7 CS and & snack credits (the commitment of having to spend the credits, as you said so much better than I did :wink: ). I didn’t mean the TS where we actually pre-pay the meal or leave a # for a guarntee. I should have worded that better.

I see what you are saying about the DP, it would be very easy to spend the $38 pp at one TS meal. I know it’s a good value if it fits your dining style, I just find myself trying to talk myself into it (if that makes any sense, lol). I have been over the menu’s, added it all up and compared the DP and ‘on our own’ and the difference really isn’t a lot of $$. Of course what we’d get on the DP is different with what we’d buy on our own (we rarely order appetizers or dessert), but what I used to add up the ‘on our own’ is very realistic and would make us perfectly happy. I still haven’t ruled it out, but if DH wants more flexability, that is fine with me :happy:

Good to know about the late lunch at Scifi Mr. I’m-under-50-days Lightyear.


Your plans sound great. You are right,though,don’t do two buffets in one day.


Personally, I would recommend against the first night dinner at Kona Cafe. We ate there on our last trip, and it was probably the worst on-property, Disney-run meal that we’ve had at WDW. The food was average at best and the service was terrible. I will say, though, that the desserts were excellent, and it appeared that we drew the worst server in the entire place.

When I posted about my experience, other DC’ers agreed that Kona Cafe for dinner wasn’t very good. I’d suggest 'Ohana instead… or hop on the monorail for something else.



I’d say choose Ohana over Kona Cafe. Kona’s entrees are generally almost as much as it costs at Ohana for an all you can eat family style meal. Ohana is definitely great! When we ate there it was about mid-week, right before Wishes at MK. We didn’t know we’d get to see them and hear the Wishes music there! We were seated right away, and had the best food in all of WDW! Do no pass it up! There was nothing special going on for the kids then, they had already finished all of that when we got there. It wasn’t loud even with some kids there. It’s a great atmosphere.


Just to add support for the dining plan…
If Dad is worried about spending the units, make a 2 TS for the last meal, that way you can skip a TS during the week and still use the credit/

I also find the plan liberating in that you are not working with the 'gee, should I pay that extra $8 for the bowl of soup? I find it so comforting to just go where I want, order what I want, and not even have to worry about the tax and what to tip. Even the snacks are great when you don’t feel like paying for a drink, you get it anyway…

Ive also thought about Boma for an Opening night meal. Or Boatwrights, Or Capn’ Jacks at DTD (One of the Best plan dinners at over $65 max value)

We just stayed at FQ. You can cash in a snack credit for the bignets, and two CS for a full pizza. One of our CS Dinners there got me ribs(9.95), Pop(2), a salad(3), and a large fruit cup for dessert(3) which I took back to the room for breakfast. This was $17 and only 1 CS slot. Even if you and your spouse paid cash, thats almost 1 nights plan right there.


Daisyd, I know I am in the minority here, but breakfast at the Crystal Palace was very ho hum for us. We much preferred it for lunch or dinner. Breakfast at Chef Mickey or Ohana is much better, in my opinion. We thoroughly enjoyed Kona Cafe, for breakfast & dinner. It is very laid back, and kind of a subdued experience, compared to the character meals. We have had dinner at Kona a couple of times, and have found it to be excellent. No complaints!


Thanks for the input everyone! I really do appreciate all of it.

Maybe we will go with 'Ohana that first night, and try Kona for breakfast on our last day (Saturday) if we have time before the flight.

We will scratch the two buffets in one day. I think I already knew that wasn’t a great idea, lol.

Lims, thanks for mentioning lunch and dinner at CP. I can’t decide if I like the look of the lunch menu. On one hand I like that it isn’t a heavy meal, but on the other hand it seems pretty limited for the price–did you feel that way? The dinner looks good.



FWIW, I just noticed an updated (3/06) lunch menu for CP at allearsnet. I seemed to recall the old menu that was posted there as being cold cuts and cold salads, and a few uninspired hot dishes. This menu looks wonderful!


We found that most times the lunch menu at CP was the same as its dinner. Not limited at all. We love the chicken & mushroom pasta and the ancho chili salmon is superb! Oh I so want to go there. NOW!!


That is one LONG list of food items! I keep thinking they’ve accidentally combined the buffet list for three different restaurants! Wow!

I may have to rethink the “Breakfast at CP” plan and switch it for lunch!


Just my 2 cents…

Definitely do O’hana!! It is soooo yummy!!! We had a wonderful dinner there a few weeks ago. See if you can get a table by the window, and if you are there late enough, and have a view of the castle you can see Wishes :wub:
If not at least you can see the Electric Water Parade go by.

We did Kona Cafe for breakfast, and while I have not eaten there for any meal other than breakfast, it was very good! Now again, I can only vouch for breakfast.

We have done CP for dinner and a very late lunch (basically early dinner) and the food is great!! We have never done breakfast there, but dinner is great!!
And I agree the Ancho Chili Salmon is sooooo good!!!


Thanks ladies :flowers: