Can you OD on Disney?



Last month my sister-in-law invites my family down to Disneyland this August to stay in her vacation condo for free… …just need to drive down.:ohmy:

Today, my boss signs me out for a conference in Disney’s Coronado Springs for a week (plus I’m adding seven days).
Used my air miles to send my DW with me, YES!:whistling

This is not going to cure my addiction anytime soon!:wacko:

Anyone got the number for DA (Disney Anonymous):phone:

Can you set up a double countdown!?


There is NEVER too much Disney! Congratulations!


Oh I must agree you can never have too much DISNEY… within a 7 month span I was tere 3 times… for 8 days in September 2006 - then for 3 days in October 2006 - then and other 7 days in April 2007.

I wanted more… my feet were shoot but I wanted more and it took me a few months to talk DH into 9 days this coming September… oh I am an addict


You can never have enough Disney. It just does not exsist.


You can never be too rich or visit WDW too often.

We go there 4 weeks per year.


Nah… just not possible…


Absolutely not possible. We were just there in August and again in March and we’re going again in November! My DD asked me the other day, “Mom, when are we going back to Disney?” and I told her in November. Her reply: “No mom, after November!!” I guess I had better get working!!:laugh:


If we could afford to go more than once a year we would. One can never get enough of the magic. It’s just not possible.


Not as far as I can tell… I still cry when I see commercials because Im jealous of those that are already there!


I am with you woohoo! I totally cry during the commercials and for the vacation planning movies and our videos. I could live inside Disney and still not get enough! I wish I was rich enough to go more than we do. Someday!


yes…not saying it is easy just saying you can :mickey:


Let me think.

Um, no.


I’m not sure you can. I think you can OD on certain Disney things – rides and such, or a particular park or part of a park, but I think that Disney as a whole is different. :happy:


one word: NO!!!


um, er, you know someone with a vacation condo near Disneyland? :wub:

I would, of course, have to do some legal work there, perhaps a title search, maybe even a full discovery inquiry to determine if an overdose is possible… :pirate:


as above!!


Um, no way, no how!! We can NEVER get enough!!


A wise woman once told me that “You can never be too rich, too thin, or wear too much mascara” but I amended that to add “and you can never go to WDW too many times.”


Well put David. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


I’d like to volunteer to try!LOL Of course, I would do it as an experiment hosted by the government, or a not-for-profit sponsor, for the good of all mankind!