Can you order F&W items over the phone


Just got home and our F&W coffee mug has a crack in it. Poured in the first cup of coffee and it was leaking all over the place. Does anyone know if there is a number to call to order F&W merchandise over the phone???




Try the regular merchandise number and see if they can help you.


We found our receipt and there is a phone number on it. My wife will try today to reorder another. She thinks the coffee just cracked it when I poured it in??? Luckily it didn’t shatter. I can still “display” it. Just had to “retire” it from active coffee drinking use a “bit early.”<g>.


Frank, I am sure they will want to hear about that it could have been dangerous! I am sure if you tell them what happened they should replace it free of charge=you may find others have returned the same style of mug too.


This department at WDW is a lifesaver!!! They will take your description of the item, a description of the shop in you bought it, and so forth. Then a CM goes into the park and gets the exact replacement item and mails it to you. You give them a credit card number for the price of the item, but I can’t remember if there is an additional fee for shipping.

Walt Disney World Merchandise Guest Services
407-363-6200 (Press 2)


>>Walt Disney World Merchandise Guest Services
407-363-6200 (Press 2)<<

My wife called and was told by more than one person… she doesn’t take no lightly!! that the items were “event” items only and could only be purchased at the event. She told them we had the receipt, and would fax it to them, scan it in and e-mail it to them… nothing worked. She’s going to try again this afternoon. We’ll see!!!



>>Walt Disney World Merchandise Guest Services
407-363-6200 (Press 2)<<

Thanks for the response though. I do appreciate it. Again, we’ll see what happens this afternoon.



Frank – I have used this service specifically to replace items bought at the parks shortly after I returned home. I describe the store, the item and voila! Someone actually goes into the park and buys it for me. Try again and ask them to go into Epcot and go to that specific kiosk or shop and get the mug. No reason it shouldn’t work.

I doubt they’d be interested in replacing your defective mug, or anything like that, but they ought to be more than happy to go to an event kiosk to buy a new one for you, because that’s what they have done often for me, and sometimes for pretty obscure stuff.

Fingers crossed for you.


Sorry to hear about the mug. Perhaps a MBer is going to F and W and may be able to get you another. If not check Ebay