Can you pack aresol sunscreen in your checked bag?


I have such little experience when it comes to flying. We just bought new sunscreen that is the spray-on kind. My daughter has terrible eczema and can only use Melaleuca skin products. They just came out with the spray-on kind and I purchased it for our trip. I have since heard that you can’t pack aresol cans in your checked bags because they can explode. Is that true?


Yes, aerosol sunscreen is fine in reasonable amounts. You can have personal care items in aerosol form in your luggage per the TSA web page. I’m sure if your whole bag is full of it it might not be ok but normal amounts are fine. We always pack a couple cans of sunscreen and it always arrives fine.


Just make sure you seal it in a ziploc bag just in case the pressure causes the lid to pop off. Would hate for you to arrive with your clothes doused in sunscreen.


Good point. I pack all our liquids in ZipLock bags just in case a lid comes off. I also throw a few extra bags in, they can be useful once we get there.


Make sure to seperate the ziplock bag from your carry on bag before running it through X-Ray or you will have your bag checked.


Thanks everyone! I will follow your advice on the ziplocks .


Also for any aerosol you should check the ingredients to make sure they are compliant with FFA regulations.
I once had an unopened can of Static Guard confiscated because one of the ingredients in it was consistant with lighter fluid. I was a bit livid because I can’t stand all the static electricity I get while flying and it was a 12hr flight. yuck!