Can you pack this in suitcase on planes?


We were soooo sick at disney in late Sept. I want to have more than a 1 oz bottle of hand sanitizer to the parks, with a 4 oz refill in the room. We’ve always been ok, with just that, but I’m concerned for our next trip. At home, we use plain soap, teach sunday school(so I have weekly contact with little germ factories :laugh:) and we’ve been fine. But I feel I need something more for disney.

I want to bring clorox hand sanitizer, wipes, and/or spray. I’ve been reading this brand is suppose to be good against norovirus and other bugs. I know I can take the little 2 oz bottles with me in carry on. But a 16 oz refill and a spray can??? Are they allowed in suitcase??


You should be okay to pack them in your checked bagage, however, you should check with your airline’s policy individual policy to be sure.