Can YOU spot the SCAM?!?


With the recent hacking of some of the nations largest corporations email lists, you need to REALLY be of wary of links in emails.

Your ANTI VIRUS software IS up to date and working isn’t it.

This is from Ziff Davis (PC Magazine) There are no active links in the scam emails. The first is especially scary…for Disney fans. :eek:

Can you spot a scam? (screenshots) | ZDNet


I got an email from Epsilon. It ended up in my spam file and since I didn’t know the name, I just deleted. Hmmm wonder what it was???

My spelling is bad, but even I can spell dream. (not dreem)

I really like the ones “problem with your paypal account, it may be frozen”. We don’t have one, that one is easy to dismiss.


I ALWAYS click on the one for “Free Beer”. It’s never free, but they get me very time.


I noticed the ‘dreem’ too= however, it is very very good, very polished very professional.


I noticed it was from “vacation@hotmail…” That was a pretty big tip off in my book.

Thanks for the reminder, carmichael! It’s easy to get sucked into this stuff if we’re not careful.


I did receive a e-mail from Disney saying my e-mail address was “stolen” but not any vital information :glare:.
We had our identity stolen, and bank accounts hacked into a few months ago (not related to Disney). I can tell you it’s been a never ending battle to regain control of all of our bank accounts credit cards, ect. Be VERY careful people, the scum bags make the fraudulent sites look unbelievably real.


I’ve gotten a TON of emails from companies that actually use the email server. They are most of the biggest corporations in America.

Lord knows I get more that enough SPAM already - in all sorts of languages. I get ALL of the great emails. I win lotterys routinely, sometimes even several a day. And TONS of sick and dying people who just want ME :angel: to use their money for good in the world. Even the Nigerian government wants to refund millions to me for the scams that have been run in their country.

I’ve got them all fooled though. When it all hits my bank account, I’m going to be calling my DVC guide and I’m buying all of BLT as my personal home away from home. The Top of the World Lounge will be my personal club, and FREE BEER for my friends. So you folks had better nice to me if you want to ever stay at BLT again!!! :laugh:

Haven’t gotten any scammers on this last leak. These are scarey because they really look like ones you expect to get, and when you see Disney, all thoughts of evil scum bags goes out the window.


I just got a spam for bank of america…first clue…valued customer, our name not listed as every other email from BOA. Goes on with problem with our account, might be deactivated, log in and put in SSN. Don’t think so…


Snork wa… what… WHAT? What did I miss?


Uh Oh… He’s awake and on the prowl.


If you tell BOA they will forward you an email address that you can forward the spam to. This helps them track and shut down these scam wed sites.


I had already gone to BOA website and found the info to forward it. I did so, and got a form letter back…thank you, stop fraud, etc…

I told my DH about it. First clue, our name not mentioned, he said he wouldn’t have caught that.:ohmy::eek:


Did anyone get an email from DVC today? I opened it and all it had was “newsletter attached”. It seemed what odd, no usual disney hoopla and graphics. I didn’t open the attachment.