Can you still get a free 5 x 7 with characters...?


I remember there being a perk for having the card that you could get a picture taken with the characters at Epcot and get a 5 x 7 for free. Is it still available and has anyone taken advantage of it recently?


Yes, we just did it last week.


Yep…you can still get this…:mickey:


Thank you folks! We have had the card for years and never used the benefit and we usually buy a couple of pictures while we are there


were do you get it


At Innoventions near the segway training place.Just remember you must show you Disney Visa card or you can’t get the picture.They ask for it while you are in line.


To add to the above, you choose your 5x7 and get it printed at the Photo Pick-Up location on the left side (when exiting the park… right side when entering) of Spaceship Earth. You do not have to pick up your photo on the same day you have it taken.


Thanks. I’ll have to take advantage of this on my trip in December


I have to remember this next time I go to Disney.


Yes we did it two weeks ago, the also do it with your Photopass. We actually forgot to pick ours up but luckily went back to Epcot a few days later and he found it on our Photopass. We could have gotten another one that day but forgot about it. Mickey and Pluto were the two characters. The quality of the picture was OK, but what do you want for free?