Can you tell me


When we went to the PAPP in Feb this year… there was something going on in a room/cove looking thing that was on the right as you walked past the Crystal Palace and up that little path towards Adventure Land… I believe that Jack Sparrow was in there for a special demonstration or something…

Then earlier this month when we went for the MNSSHP, again there was something going on in there-

What IS in there? and is it there all of the time…
on a map it looks like it’s near or at Aloha Isle…
Do you know what I mean?

T:confused: :confused: :confused:


It’s the pirate tutorial. It goes on several times a day and is not to be missed…totally worth seeing once. Do a U-tube search for it and watch it for yourself. VERY cute.


ah thanks!
I am so sad! We walked by it 3 times now!


ps- do they do it all of the time- or only during the parties?