Can you transfer a PIN for a discounted stay?


I got a PIN for discounted stays at WDW Resorts 04/11/2010 to 06/03/2010 (30% off Value, 35% off Moderate, 40% off Deluxe, 45% off Deluxe Villa) that I can’t use. Is it possible to transfer the PIN to someone else who can use it?


As far as I know, PIN discount offers are not transferable to other families than those that originally got that offer.
However, this may or may not always be the case.


Thanks for the info - I tried googling Disney World and PIN, and I kept getting pin trading sites. I was hoping I could pass it off to a cousin who is taking her family around that time. Glad I didn’t offer before a kind soul here straightened me out!


Well, you could book the trip in your name and then have your cousin pay you back…then you can use the PIN code.


You can try it of course, but most pins are specified to who they are sent to.


My sister received a PIN offer but it was mailed to my address (long story) so I tried to use it and Disney would not honor it. They said the named person with photo ID must be present upon check in so they can verify that the PIN is being used by the intended person.


It’s my understanding the person with the PIN has to be at check in so Disney knows the right person is using the PIN.


The fine print on my PIN email that I received said it was nontransferable.