Can you upgrade MYW tickets to AP's?


Is this is the right forum? Hope so!

OK, QUESTION…can I do this? I have passes we purchased last year…10 day non expiring MYW Park Hoppers. I have 4 Adult Passes, 1 Childs pass. Each has a couple of days missing from them…some have 4 days missing, some have 1 or 2.

So…can I do this??? If so, what would the cost be? :confused:


Yes, you can do it but you get the value of the ticket when you bought it for the days left. I’m not sure how the value is figured but I’ve heard that’s it’s usually best to just use the days but your tickets are pretty new so you should get a lot of credit towards your APs. Also, you can also only apply one ticket toward one AP.


Right, I knew that only 1 ticket would go towards 1 AP. But I was wondering if it was even worth it. Hmmmm…maybe I will just wait and see when I go in December.


Totally worth it! APs for everybody!!


I’m so glad you asked this! I had the same question! I didn’t know if it would make sense to buy one AP for this year and since I’d like to go again next year use it for that and also for discounts. But the Tickets we bought with our package are 7 day MYW (expiring) park hoppers.


I think I read when you upgrade to the AP, it’s back dated to when you first bought the MYW tickets. So if you bought tickets in Nov of 05, you would only have until Nov 06 to use the AP’s.


The tickets are upgradable. Just stop by any guest relations or call and with your pass and they can tell you what your options are.


No,that’s not true. I bought a one-day MYW ticket in September '05,and used it to renew my AP in Feb 06. My expiration date on my AP is February 1,'07.


Yep, that would be right. Your AP is good for one year from the date you activate it.


Ok, here’s what I think. If you can swing the full price of the APs I would just tuck the old tickets in a safe place and use them later. If the APs stretch your budget then use them toward your passes. You have a lot of days left and they are only a year old so they should really help you save some money.

I go to WDW often enough I know the old tickets would get used one day, maybe next year or maybe 5-7 years from now when ticket prices have gone up a lot. I would feel pretty good about that trip and the money saved on tickets. If you save the tickets it sounds like you could enjoy an entire trip and not buy new passes–what a cheap trip when you add your timeshare to it!!


That’s true with unused tickets, but I still think with tickets that have already been used, it will be backdated. Of course I’ve never tried it, so I could be wrong, wrong , wrong.