Can you upgrade QS DP w/ free dining?


If you book a value resort during free dining, but you’d rather have the regular DDP than QS, can you pay the difference and upgrade? Or because it is a “gift,” is that not allowed?

Just wondering…


When I made my reservations they offered to upgrade. Actually, though, my family prefers the Quick Service plan anyway, so we stayed with that.


Yes when I once enquired about the QS on DDP they said it was possible to upgrade to full DDP (not sure about deluxe) at so many dollars a day.


Yes, all you have to do is request that QS be upgraded to DDP and pay difference between regular price of the two plans.


Good to know. Thanks, guys!


Wow. You didn’t know something!!! :laugh:


Yes, we upgraded to Deluxe before.


Yes we have upgraded to the DDP from the QS plan before all you do is pay the difference.


I thought if you paid for the QS plan or the DDP and wanted to upgrade it was possible, but not if on the free plans… I am going to have to swim through a sea of threads from last summer, but I can almost sware I read that.


Hmm… well if Zoomaster and CJtownman did it, it must work, right? It was free dining that you guys upgraded?


Yes, you can upgrade. Our friends did it for their last trip.


It was offered to me two weeks ago when I was booking my trip with a free dinning pin code. I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted to stay at POR or BC. The CM told me if I choose the moderate or value I would qualify for the quick service only but I can upgrade to regular dinning if I pay the difference.


Yes, exactly like Remy said, they offered it to us if we paid the difference in price.


Okay, great! I hope it stays this way!


Thats good to know! I thought they weren’t going to do the upgrade this year like they did last year, just because I hadn’t heard anything about it. I was going to call and find out, but this helps! :]


Yes we were free dining and were offered the upgrade for a price ( which we declined- way too much food on the de-luxe for us)


Sorry all. I must have been mistaken. I read so much on here it blends together. My bad!


No Dana I would imagine at one time it probably was what you thought, I think its Disney that keeps changing the offers and options all the time, I think it just happened at our time that this upgrade was available, but its not to say it happens all the time:heart: