Can you upgrade tickets bought from an outside source?


Looking for tickets for DS and wife. Mousesavers has undercover tourist listed for a bit cheaper (like 10 - 12 bucks) than disney. Can you buy the basic MYW tickets from them and once you get to disney, upgrade to include waterparks and/or hopper? Since we are going during sept, I’m telling the kids they should wait till they see what the weather will be like before they add the water parks. I’m not talking normal chance of rain, but if there is hurricane type rain lurking about, why buy tickets for water parks.


I am pretty sure we added a few days at the parks after buying them at Undercover Tourists.


As far as I know, yes. A ticket is a ticket…if you are going to spend more money at WDW, I can’t see why it would matter. Having never done this or remember hearing anyone else do it, I could be wrong.


Part of me is saying “for ten bucks, why chance it…on the other hand, that would pay for a few snacks”.


For $10 I wouldn’t chance it, but that’s just me.


We have added on to tix we buy at SOG. I would think the Undercover Tourist and other approved sellers tix would be the same. The key issue I would focus on is ‘approved seller’ before buying. I know UT is.


Its more than just $10 though. When you purchase tickets from Disney, they add tax (not sure of the %). Undercover Tourist does not charge tax. If I remember correctly, our last time we purchased from UT, it was a savings close to $100 for the family between the discount and tax savings. Also, I believe you wouldn’t have a problem upgrading. What you receive from UT is a real ticket, that looks exactly like a ticket Disney would issue. I’ve been able to add the tickets to my resort room keys without an issue.


There was a report on the local news about buying Tickets from dealers. I think they stated that repeatable discount ticket retailers will sell you a voucher for a ticket that you redeem at the will call window.

I know there is are real problem with ticket booths that resell used tickets at discount and Disney works really hard to shut this down. Most the times the tickets sold through these booths don’t work or don’t have as many days sold.


We are upgrading our tickets (MYW) to full Annual Passes Joanne. I found the info here WDW Ticket FAQ

You have to scroll right down to find your answer Joanne, but as I see it, it’s no problem. Undercover tourist is a bona fide site, no worries there.


Forgot to say that’s from


I was looking at mousesavers but I trust allears too.