Can you use a disney store gift card at disney world?


Does anyone know if you can use a Disney Store gift card at Disney World?


Here is a site with all the answers you will need about your Disney gift card:

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Disney store cards can only be at disney stores or online. someone gave my dd one for her bday and she wasnt able to use at disney world


Actually, I believe there are places at WDW that accept Disney Store gift cards – in particular World of Disney! I would bet at Emporium and so forth as well. This is from the Disney Store gift card page itself:

[I]Accepted at many Disney locations!

Bring smiles to your family and friends with the Disney Gift Card. For every occasion from birthday and holidays we’ve got a Gift Card they’ll love.

* Free Shipping
* Shipped to any U.S. address
* Available in $25 increments up to $150 plus denominations of $200, $250, $300 and $500
* Redeemable at, Disney Store locations in the U.S, participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort and Disney Cruise Line®[/I]


Yes, I always use gift cards from the Disney Store at WDW…I even used on a Disney Cruise. I use it for merch and also food.


i hope so b/c I just went to the Disney Store to purchase Disney Dollars and was told they no longer carry them but was told to purchase a Disney Store Gift card and that would work at “Disneyland and Disney World and also the Cruise”

I hope she know what she was talking about.