Can you use DDP for breakfast?


Is it okay to use a TS credit for breakfast, or does it have to be lunch or dinner? Is it worth it to use it for breakfast instead of lunch/dinner?


You can use it for breakfast, but you won’t be getting the most out of your credit if you do.

You won’t get a dessert, and the breakfasts are typically the cheapest meal of the day.

Probably the only exception would be CRT breakfast.


Welcome to DC, btw! :happy:


Welcome to DC!

We found if we wanted a TS breakfast we were better off paying for it and saving our TS credits for dinner. The same with the CS credits!


yea, I agree, you can use it for breakfast but you won’t be getting your money’s worth unless you go to a character breakfast! We did use it for breakfast, but it was only because we had an extra one!


we are thinking of paying for our two TS breakfasts and savings our TS for dinner. however if we do that i think we are going to have a bunch of CS meals left.