Cancellation-Deposit Return Question


For any of you who have had to do the dreaded, and cancel your Disney trip…I called the ressie dept on Monday and canceled our trip for next month. The CM said that our deposit would be returned to our card shortly. Here it is Thursday and it has yet to be returned. I’m wondering if/when I should call them again. Has anyone else had to cancel and how long did it take for them to refund your deposit?


I had booked a trip last April and then decided to use my DVC instead. It took about a week, week and a half before I was refunded.

But if you are worried give them a call back and ask if they have sent the credit out to your bank yet. If they haven’t ask when you can expect it to go out.

Hope everything works out okay, and I’m sorry you had to cxl your trip. Hope your planning another one soon!


I did have to cancel once and was told that it can take up to 10 days (Business days) for the credit to hit the account.


Ok, thank you! I was under the impression it would take just a couple of business days. If my next week still nothing, I will call.