Cancelled our Land and Sea


Well i cancelled our land and sea trip this morning. While we love Disney and will some day i am sure take a Disney cruise we decided that we just aren’t sure we want to spend the money on a Disney cruise at this time.

We booked a Carnival Cruise for a week long at about $2,000 cheaper than the land and sea.

I am a little sad but at the same time i know i will enjoy this cruise and will be back to Disney too.


I am very sorry that you cancelled your Disney cruise, but I have to agree with you. I want to go on a Disney cruise, but I can take my family on 2-3 Carnival cruises for what it would cost me to go on 1 Disney cruise. I just can’t rationalize it. Carnival is WONDERFUL and you will have a blast. Unless we hit the lotto anytime soon, we will keep going to WDW and keep cruising with Carnival.


I’m sure your making a good decision. You will have gone a couple times this year already, right? I’m sure you would totally enjoy a nice relaxing cruise, even without it being Disney.


Enjoy your Carnival Cruise!! They are so much fun!


the good thing about the disney cruise is that you can always go another time!


Exactly! That is my plan.


Just think of the money you saved! And, even though its hard to cancel a Disney trip, the next one will be that much sweeter!


Sorry you had to cancel your land/sea trip, but I see you have a GREAT option planned!!! I have to agree with you on price…I REALLY REALLY want to go on a Disney Cruise, but I just can’t justify over DOUBLE the price of other cruises. I’m still working on DH for 2010 (ha! :laugh: ) but when I think about it, not sure I can rationalize spending that kind of money when we go to WDW every year. :confused:

You will have a blast on your cruise! Which ship? Which itinerary? Happy planning!


I think that was a wise decision. Disney land/sea vacations are not the best value… I’d say you get more bang for your buck booking separately… or even better… with two separate vacations.

Disney Cruises are lovely, but boy, are they pricey! However, Carnival Cruises are a lot of fun. Yes, you might find yourself at the evening show thinking, “This isn’t Disney,” but what do you expect? There’s still tons of fun packed onboard. Plus, most Carnival ships offer multiple waterslides for all ages, while Disney ships only have the one waterslide at the Mickey pool for kids 12 and under, I believe.


Oh Brandon, I am SO sorry! Don’t feel bad though DCL will always be sailin’ when your ready. Seriously, I might be just a few steps behind you. I am fighting it tooth & nail but airfare for next spring break is still showing near $500. and that cruise is already SO expensive. When really, I could leave out of the port in Newark, NJ for about $2,000 cheaper and not pay for airfare. We’ll see.

You made a decision, this cruise will be awesome, and DCL will always be there!


I agree totally!!! I priced a Disney for all five of us for a week was almost 8000bucks and that was the best price I found:eek: and a carnival is around 2100 bucks:laugh: so for that price, we can do more for excursions and shopping. I could go on 3-4 cruises of Carnival to 1 Disney. I know you miss the whole disney experience, but they need to make it a bit more reasonable. You will enjoy Carnival just in a different way than Disney! Have fun!!!


Oh, yeah… thought of another good reason. DCL announced two more ships, much bigger than the Magic and the Wonder, will set sail in 2011. So… wait a few more years, and you can be one of the first to set sail on the supersize Disney ships!


I honestly didn’t know Disney Cruises were so expensive. We’ve never been on a cruise before, and DH so wants to go on an Alaskan cruise one of these days, so I know it will be a long time before we will be able to do Disney’s. I’m wondering if the price will go down once the other ships LittleMissMagic just mentioned are ready for sail. With so many more rooms available, hopefully it will be a bit more reasonable.