Cancelling adrs


we have had to cancel our september trip so I wil be cancelling all the adrs. so if anyone is looking here is what I will cancel. coral reef 9/19 200 pm
lecelliers 1:50 9/17
cp 8:15 am am 9/14 and 9/16 at 4:40
california grille 9/15 at 7:20 pm. narcooses 7 25 9/13
castle 4:05 9/18
not sure if they will fill immediately but thought id post it here in case anyone still trying to get adrs at any of the above. I will doing this tomorrow.


Don’t cancel these reservations!
I’d suggest that any posters who are interested in these reservations PM you.
If any of these reservations work for someone else time and location wise, as well as party size, all they need to do is walk up to the maitre d’ stand and check in using your name. They don’t ask for your ID to prove you are that person.
If questioned why their name isn’t on the reservation, all they have to say is you made the reservations for them and it was too much trouble to change it into their name, especially le Cellier.


problem there is for some i had to use my credit card to reserve if for any reason the poster cant make it I will get charged. as we all know plans change sometimes last minute… as for lecelliers I didnt have to use a creidt card so they are welcome to do that if it works.


First of all, I’m sorry you have to cancel your trip. :crying:

I would cancel any that required a credit card then see if anyone wants the others. Le Cellier is so hard to get that someone here might really like to get that one.


Looking at your list, I’d say that you put down the credit card for CRT and Cali Grill.
When you call WDW DINE, ask them what their rules are for allowing a friend to take over those reservations, if they allow your friend to switch in their credit card in place of yours. IF you can’t, let it go.


Very nice of you to offer this. They’re great adrs–wish we were going!


You are so nice to offer up these reservations to others. I don’t think that would have occurred to me :eek: . Sorry you had to cancel your trip but I’m sure you’ll be going again soon.


Oh. that’s too bad you had to cancel… I agree with canceling any ADR’s that are linked to a CC. No way would I take that chance.


I’m sorry too you had to cancel your trip Faerie, but what a kind gesture to post the Adr’s as I am sure someone on here would love them especially Le Cellier which is so hard to get.


Very nice to offer. Perhaps if the thread title could be changed, it might improve the odds of the right person reading it? Something like Who wants these September ADR’s?


i have been trying to get le celliers resevations but I need them on Sept 11th .We will be back home on the 17th. Thanks for leting us know.


First off, I am sorry that you had to cancel your trip.
Secondly I would love Lecelliers 9/17 for a party of 4. I would love to take them from you.


no problem can i just transfer the name or how do you think we can do this.


If you didn’t use a cc for this one, just PM her your reservation number and last name.

I called to get ressies the same time as a friend of mine. I gave her number, and last name asked if we could add 3 to hers and they let me.

This is a great idea . . . since it’s a hard one to come by!


I can give you my name in a private message. Thanks so much for this.


That’s what I would do, I wouldn’t want to risk a transfer in case the ADR was lost to another CM booking it before it for you.