Candelight Processional Narrarators


Disney relased a partial list of narrators for this year’s Candelight Processional. I personally have not experienced the Processional but I am told I must not miss it if I have the chance. Some of the narrators lined up are: Isabella Rossellini, Neil Patrick Harris, Whoopi Goldberg, Jodi Benson,
Olivia Newton John, Trace Adkins, Gary Sinise, Marlee Matlin / Jack Jason. Now given that I have never experienced it, who would you think you would like to see? I think my picks would be Trace Adkins, Gary Sinise or Olivia Newton John. :huh:


We experienced our first Candlelight Processional last November. I didn’t even know who the narrator was - apparently he was some Christian singer - but it didn’t matter who it was the whole performance was so wonderful, so uplifting - I never wanted it to end. I’d love to hear Whoopi Goldberg or Gary Sinise. Isabella Rossellini’s accent would lend a nice touch, too.


I want Trace Adkins to read me bedtimes stories.




Now if they were to schedule Magic Mike in the line-up, (since Disney is where Magic lives and all) I think I would have to book a trip. :wub:

(sorry Stacey :happy:)


You crack me up!!!:laugh:

Sorry I didn’t answer the question. I wouldn’t go to the processional anyway. Unless of course maybe Orlando Bloom is reading. Hehehe…


Steven Curtis Chapman, I’ll wager. He seems to be in the line up every year. A few years ago his pre-school daughter was killed in the most tragic way. His 16yo son, who had just gotten his driving license, was backing out of the driveway and the girl ran behind the car.

He wrote this song in her memory Heaven Is The Face Of A Little Girl- Steven Curtis Chapman - YouTube


We’ve seen Gary Sinese and Whoopi Goldberg and would see either one again in a heartbeat. :happy: If I had to choose between the two, I’d see Gary Sinese again.


I thought Gary Sinese did an excellent job too!