Candle light processional dining package


On allears it says that all restaurants with the candlelight processional are 2 table credits. Is that right? Seems like a bad idea to use 2 table service credits for a meal that only cost $35.00!


Yes, but remember you are getting reserved seating, and viewing for Illuminations, if you pick the dinner package.

You could always pay out of pocket, if you don’t want to use the dining credits.

For me, the fact that the dining plan is free, makes it an easy choice for me. I don’t mind using up two credits at all.


We will be staying using DVC so no free dining. We made the reservations before they extended the offer!


Oh bummer! Sorry about that.:blush:


Actually since we are renting points we save a great deal on the room cost so it balances out and with three kids going we need the space of a two bedroom!


Yes I imagine you do!!


It’s 2 credits this year because the meal includes an appetizer plus the reserved seating. The base DDP does not include an appetizer just entree, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage. I know it has caused hassles in previous years because the processional package included appetizer, but the DDP did not so I guess this year Disney just decided to make people on the DDP use 2 credits. We opted to pay OOP for the Processional and use our dining credits elsewhere.