Candle Light Processional Narrators


My daughter is going to be disappointed. She wanted to see Gary Sinise again.

2008 Candlelight Processional Narrators:

11/28 - 30: John O’Hurley
12/01 - 03: Pattie LaBelle (Uncomfirmed)
12/04 - 12/6: Brian Stokes Mitchell
12/07 - 12/9: Virginia Madsen
12/10 - 12/12: Monique Coleman
12/13 - 12/15: TBA
12/16 - 12/18: Chita Rivera
12/19 - 12/21: Abigail Breslinl
12/22 - 12/24: Steven Curtis Chapman
12/25 - 12/27: Edward James Olmos
12/28 - 12/30: Marlee Matlin


We’re going to be there the last days of November. My DD really wishes that Monique Coleman was the person telling the story. Oh well, maybe we’ll just walk the countries in hopes that it won’t be so crowded.:blush:


forgive my mini thread jack but what is a candlelight processional?


Each year at Epcot, they have choirs from around the country, as well as a choir made up of cast members. They file into the theater at America in the World Showcase holding candles, thus a candlelight processional. But, it’s so much more. They sing songs, there is an amazing orchestra, and it is all centered around the story of the birth of Christ. The celebrity narrators read the story from the Bible, accompanied by the choirs singing Christmas songs, and it is really just awe-inspiring.

We saw it a couple years ago and Mario Lopez had just finished on Dancing with the Stars, so he was our narrator. There are also dinner packages available at a number of restaurants within Epcot, and this is the best way to guarantee a seat.

If you are at WDW during Christmas time, this is a wonderful event to witness.


This is also a wonderful time to go and hit the rides because a lot of people head to the back of the park in WS for this.


Its one of the most beautiful things you can experiance there during the holidays.

Candlelight Processional at Epcot


Edward James Olmos? I’m suddenly very sad that I can’t make this!


That’s who we heard/saw last year and he was wonderful.


We saw Gary Sinese. He was sooooo good. He’s been there several years in a row. Wonder why not this year. Oh well, there are still good narrators! It’s such a beautiful program!


We’ll only be there for the first night…11/28. I don’t have an Epcot dinner planned for this day, so I guess I will forego the CP dinner package. Oh well…I’ve never done the package before anyway.


sounds lovely :closedeye


That sounds like an amazing event.


Abigail Breslin! Yea! I think the Christmas story is even more beautiful when told by a child! I bet John O’Hurley will be good too.


I saw the Processional with John O Hurley in 2006, and he was really good.


It is defiantly worth it!


John O’Hurley was really good! So far, he is our favorite.


I’d like to see Lt. Castillo on Christmas!
Wasn’t Brian Dennehy one of the narrators last year? That would have been cool.


Can’t see or hear him without thinking of Seinfeld. EVER!
Same goes for Patrick Warburton.


Ha, I know what you mean. Every time we ride Soarin’, we have to say Hi Putty!:laugh:


Does someone know who is doing the narration on the CD they sell of this?