Candlelight Pkge meal times


Does anyone know what the ADR times they will give for the Candlelight Processional Dinner Packages?

I remember reading that for the 5 pm show your ADR is lunchtime. Does that mean up to 3:00? Since Osborne lights starts the same night as the CP shows (our last WDW night! :eek: ) we are going to try to fit both in.

Since HS closes at 8:00 pm that night, looks like we’ll have to do the 5:00 show. Oh that’s my next question. Is the CP show still really good at 5:00 since it’s not dark yet?



dose this work with the dinning plan also…



Rumor has it that you can book CP dinner pkge starting Mon June 23rd. When booking these are the ADR times for each show:
5:00 show= ADR time from 1:45-2:30
6:45= ADR time from 3:30-4:15
8:15= ADR time from 5:00-5:35

Not sure how many table service credits it will be on DDP, I am going to call now and find out. Since pricing is by “tiers” that must affect the DDP somehow. Does anyone know from experience?


Ok, just called Disney Dining and the rumor is true - you can book CP Dinner Packages starting on Mon June 23rd.

I asked about the dining plan - and she said all the restaurants are 1 TS credit regardless of the “tier”. I asked why there were tiers then and she said she didn’t know.


Oh…she also said that on the DDP the appetizer isn’t included - but if you pay OOP for the meal it is.


Go to know! Thanks for the info . . . I gotta get it in gear and make my reservations for Dec! :ohmy:


has anyone heard yet on what places the package will let you eat at…epcot


This was last years posted on all ears:

 Tier 1
Seating 1 - $27.99 plus tax & gratuity / ages 3-9 $12.99 (Lunch)
Seating 2 & 3 -$33.99 plus tax & gratuity / ages 3-9 $14.99 (Dinner)

The Garden Grill Restaurant - Land Pavilion
Biergarten - Germany Pavilion

Tier 2
Seating 1 - $37.99 plus tax & gratuity / ages 3-9 $12.99 (Lunch)
Seating 2 & 3 - $44.99 plus tax & gratuity / ages 3-9 $14.99 (Dinner)

San Angel Inn - Mexico Pavilion
Restaurant Marrakesh - Morocco Pavilion
Nine Dragons - China Pavilion
Rose & Crown - United Kingdom Pavilion

Tier 3
Seating 1 - $44.99 plus tax & gratuity /ages 3-9 $12.99 (Lunch)
Seating 2 & 3 - $53.99 plus tax & gratuity / ages 3-9 $14.99 (Dinner)

Chefs de France - France Pavilion
Tutto Italia - Italy Pavilion
Le Cellier Steakhouse - Canada Pavilion
Teppan Edo and Tokyo Dining - Japan Pavilion
Coral Reef - The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion

My friend did call today and she got Tutto Italia . . . so it’s still on the list, not sure about the rest!


So SSN, did you get the ADR you wanted today?? DSis called and made ours, but we had to go with a later seating and show, which is fine with us…boy these shows book up fast!!


We booked today and got a 5:15 dinner at Tepan Edo. Apparently these were selling out very quickly.


I called at 7 am sharp and was on hold for 30 minutes! I did get the ADR I wanted which was for the 5:00 show, so we’ll be eating at 2:30. I was worried since we are going on the first night of CP, but it all worked out!!!


YAY!! I’m happy you got what you needed and you’ll be able to do both parks that night. What a great last night at WDW you’ll have!!!


we finnaly got in to lecelliar…we are eating at 5:30 to see the last show…on dec 2 when it enda we should have a great seat for the fireworks


I just booked ours as well for the last show on Dec 10th. Wasn’t sure that the kids would sit through the show (they’re 6 and 8) but Monique Coleman is suppose to be the Narrator that evening (that sould help) and the CM told me that it was only about a 20-30 min show; plus we’ll have great seats for the illuminations.


Really you can see illuminations from here? Isn’t there are stage blocking the view? Did they move the venue? Where is this in WS now? :blush:

I really have to call and get our tickets . . . one the TO DO list! :laugh:


Maybe, I’m not sure about the stage, if so we’ll just move to a better location. Thanks for the heads up!


i think you will have to move a bit,while that time of year can it realy be that busy…


Congrats to all of you who got what they wanted! I didn’t book a package…I will just wing it, like usual. DH’s idea…:glare: . But honestly, we have always gotten a seat, so I have hope! :happy:


is it really that busy on the first week of dec…what is the temp like that week…