Candlelight Procession at Epcot


I am a little confused by the events at Epcot for the Christmas Season. This Candlelight Procession, does it take place in a theater? Or does it involve some kind of solemn parade lit by candlelight? Or is it both?

Now that I am thinking about this, am I correct to assume that all the countries in WS also have some kind of Christmas or Holiday decorations?


It takes place in the covered theatre in front of the American Pavilion. There is a guest narrator, guest choirs, the Voices of Liberty and some WDW cast members in the production. They enter the theatre carrying lit candles. Here are some pictures…


Oh, sorry - all of the countries have Christmas storytellers. There are scheduled shows throughout the day where they tell how people in their country celebrate the holidays. The shows aren’t real long and they’re outdoors, you can catch several in a day.


The Candlelight Processional is so worth seeing!!! It’s a beautiful performance. Depending on when you go, the lines can be very long if you don’t have a reserved seat. We saw the Christmas night performance and were soooooo glad we had a reserved seat.


Thanks, SuiteDisney and Smee. It does look wonderful.

How does one reserve seats? Is there a dinner package available with any of the Epcot restaurants? Kind of like Fantasmic over at The Studios?

Or can I make a reservation with Epcot?


There are dinner packages. Here’s a link.

Candlelight Processional at Epcot


We absolutely love the Candlelight Processional. There are actual area highschool choirs that sing, and its the Christmas story, narrated by a celebrity. One year, our monorail pilot was in the WDW choir. It was really neat! He told us the cast members really love doing it.

The reserved seats are a nice touch, but if you have time to wait, you can usually get a seat at one of the showings. They run it 3 times a night.

Its so nice to us, because it captures the true spirit of Christmas.


If you go, make sure to watch the person signing for the deaf folks in the audience, it’s beautiful.


We went to the Candlelight Processional in 2005, I have to tell you it was amazing. I was so moved by the experience and then after that Epcot went right into Illuminations, I’ve never been so in awe, it truly brought a tear to my eye. I wish we were going to the Candlelight Processional this year, but I couldn’t talk my husband into it. We will be seeing Illuminations though. Have a great time. Lynn


Thanks so much everyone.

I think I might go for the dinner package. I definitely want to eat at the Biergarten. I know my kid will love the band and dancing.


We got the dinner package too. :tinytree:


That’s where we ate, too. It was fun!!!


Go for the dinner package, If you dont there is little chance you will get a seat. It’s a great show. I enjoyed Biergarten I thought it was great.


Do the dinner package. CP is one on the
best things Disney has to offer:happy: We
saw Gary Sinise (Lt.Dan in Forrest Gump)


Gary Sinise is the best! We’ve seen him a couple of times. I love the CP, though I miss when they used to offer the lanyard, pin, and shopping discount with the package. That was before there was also a very long line for those on the package (I remember being able to just walk right into the theater at the last minute, and get a front row seat). :slight_smile:



We saw Gary Sinese also. It was so moving. I can’t speak for other performances, but the early performance on Christmas night was packed. I know many of the people standing in line never got a seat unless they had reserved seats. We talked with a family at our resort that hoped they’d get a seat but it never happened. The line was incredibly long.


Just so you know, you can also have a lunch package.


Yes! I went twice last year, once on Christmas Eve to the later showing with NO dining package and once about a week before christmas with dining package and got roughly the same seat both times. The dining package line was reallly long! Not that the regular line was shorter by any means, but I was suprised.


Really? So you’re saying I can have a nice leisurely lunch at 1 or 2 in the afternoon and then mosey on over around 5 o’clock with a reserved seat?


Yep. That’s exactly what I am saying. :happy: