Candlelight Procession EPCOT


Any tips when to see this show and is it worth it?


I think it largely depends on your taste and background and who is narrating it. If there is someone you love narrating it during your stay, then go see it. I loved it, but I was amazed at how overtly Christian it was. It is the Bethlehem story narrated and sung. It did my heart an EXTREME good to see WDW had not sold completely out on being politically correct.


Where does it take place? I have never been…can I get right in?


I have only attended one Candlelight Processional, but we loved it. It was Gary Sinese that year. As was mentioned, I think it would depend on whether you like the person doing the reading. Gary was excellent. We purchased a dinner and seating package where you are guaranteed seats within a certain section of the theater.

It’s held at the Americana Garden Theater—on the Lagoon in front of the America pavilion.

This one is a personal preference I guess. I am not sure that I would pay for the package to see it again, but I am glad we did once.


It’s held during the Christmas season at Epcot. I don’t believe dates have been announced yet.


We’ve seen it twice, once with Gary Sinese and once with Whoopi Goldberg. If you love Christmas, I think you’ll enjoy Candlelight. It’s a moving ceremony and I would see it again if I could.


Candlelight is AMAZING. I was fortunate to see it on Christmas eve two years in a row. When I win the Mega Millions tonight I will be seeing it every Christmas from here on out! In all seriousness though, it is an absolutely beautiful holiday tradition and you should do it if you get the chance! It is on select dates during the holiday season. You can walk right in but will want to get there EARLY. There are also dinner packages you can book with certain restaurants which give you priority seating.


Sometimes you just can’t tone down the story to comply with PC standards without totally destroying that story.
I’m no Christian, but Christmas without Christ is "like a day without sunshine"®:laugh:

Sorry about that.
But Christmas without Christ is pointless and just wrong.

There’s enough things in this world that are truly offensive without creating artificial outrage because 85 of 100 people are trying to celebrate something important.


I have only seen this once, and we saw the christian music artist Steven Curtis Chapman do the reading. He did a good job, but what sells it for me is the music. And it’s all cast members lending their time and talents, which makes it that much cooler to me.

Seriously, the music is BEAUTIFUL. I returned to Epcot with my folks 2 years later, and we didn’t get the “package”, so we didn’t see it…but several countries away, my mom and I could still hear it soaring over the lake. We bought the CD that year, too. If you like Christmas, good music (most are familiar carols) and the Nativity story, you’ll love this! I highly recommend it.


We only did it once several years ago and we did do the dinner package. I believe we ate at the Rose and Crown. We were there the week after Thanksgiving and it was a fantastic kick off to getting in the Christmas spirit for us. The music is really amazing. It is one of things on my list of “must do again someday.”


One of my favorite DS (10 yrs old at the time) WDW stories is the first time we went to the processional. As we were seated, he asked, “Is this going to be like church (enter classic child whiney voice)?” When it was over, I heard these words come from his mouth, “Wow. That was really cool. I would do that again!” Yeah, it was worth it. :happy:


It is an annual event for us for the last 4 years. The first year we stood in the back and watched - it can be a long show when standing. After that we booked a package which has guaranteed seating. We do the late show - the darkness helps with the candlelight effect and the dinner time (between 5 and 5:45) is perfect.
The standby line could start filling up as early as 2 or more hours before the show - especially with a popular narrator - so even if you are in the standby line, you might not get a seat. And it is a long time to stand to watch - especially after standing in a standby line.