Candlelight processional celebrity narrators


Anyone know if the list of celebrity narrators has come out yet for this holiday season? If so, who’s on for Christmas Eve?


Here is a link to that shows the list for the narrators.

Christmas Eve is Edward James Olmos

Candlelight Processional at Epcot


Thanks! It’s nice to have a network of pals who know where to look!


Ok, I wanna know who the celebrity is for Christmas Eve!!! :whistling

I consider myself quite patient, but the not-knowing is KILLING me!!! :wacko:

Anyone have any insider scoop? Are they having trouble booking…or is the celebrity SOOOoo famous, they’re keeping a secret until the end??



Still looking for who might be doing the Christmas Eve CP…


No clues? Rumors?

[SIZE=“5”](Ya know, you could even make something up…I’d be happy with that right now! :wacko:)[/SIZE]


Holidays Around The World - Candlelight Processional | Walt Disney World Resort

This says Edward James Olmos.


Edward James Olmos was good and I was pleasantly shocked at how unpolitically correct he presented this. If you are not into the CHRISTIAN part of Christmas this is going to be offensive, if you are - then this is a nice departure from where our culture has taken it the last 20 years. This is no happy holidays event…it is CHRISTmas.


Thanks everyone. I went back to read the thread and thought it was LAST year’s responses I was reading…because Edward was the reader we saw last year as well.

The whole purpose of our attending CP while on Chirstmas break at WDW is to remind us (and celebrate) the true meaning behind the season. (For years, we have spent our Christmas Eve singing at a candlelight service for church, so this is my way of still continuing the tradition while in Disney)

Unfortunately, we weren’t AS moved by this particular speaker as others may have been last year. His presence felt forced to me - not natural - more contrived…but that’s our take. Maybe, for others, this wasn’t so.

Obviously, it’s the message and meaning that’s important - Just a bit bummed it’s the same speaker. (Being honest) :angel:

(We REALLY enjoyed Gary Sinise the year prior)


Maybe they’ll get David Caruso to do it in character (Horatio Caine).
Or even better get EJO to do it in his Castillo character from Miami Vice or even better, his character from Zoot Suit, El Pachuco (¡orale!).
Even more perverse, get Tom Hanks to do it as Forrest Gump (I’m so bad)

I see Frank Langella is scheduled for Dec 2-4 which is probably around when we’d be doing the Christmas party. That should be good.
Bets on Ed Asner reading it as Carl from Up!?


I would LOVE to see Marlee Matlin.


i would love to see Jodi Benson or Steven Curtis Chapman. Jodi Benson simply b/c I have met her on several occasions and Steven Curtis Chapman b/c of his story over the last several years, just a good man


I would love to see Steven Curtis Chapman too. I’m a long-time fan and he and his wife are such an inspiration becausebof the way they have handled things in the last couple of years.


I would love love love to see Edward James Olmos.

Because in my delusional world, I believe he is Commander Adama and I would follow him anywhere. :redface: :laugh:


The one and only time my family went to CP, we saw Steven Curtis Chapman! He was wonderful. :heart: