Candlelight Processional Dinner Package


Has anyone ever done the dinner package for the Candlelight Processional? Is it worth the extra money?

What choice would be more kid freindly with a 10 year old?

How far in advance can you make the reservations?

Thanks in advance for the info!


It is worth it to get the dinner package. Last year,I went to see Harry Hamlin do the CP. I didn’t have a package that night and I was in the 3rd to last row of the theater and I was the FIRST person on the stand-by line. Disney advertises the CP as being part of admission to Epcot,yet increasingly the audience is dinner package people.


We feel the dinner package is worth it. You definitely get better seats being part of the dinner package. You have lots of choices for restaurants, take a look at the menus at and see what would suit your 10 year old, and you too. We have tried the Rose & Crown and Le Cellier, I think Garden Grill is also one of the choices, which is also a very good choice!


We booked in August or Sept for our Mid Sept trip. I feel it was worth EVERY penny!!! We had great seats, and great meals! WE ate in Germany at the beirgarten…if I remember right, it was one of the cheaper choices, it’s a buffet so everyone could find something they’d like. Plus the show is great and you can dance & participate in the show. Lots of fun!! Our kids loved it, they’re 11 yo, I think they were 9 when we ate their the 1st time…but they’re not picky eaters, nor do they go for the “kids food” so I can’t really tell you if they have a kids menu, w/macaroni & cheese, chicken nuggets, etc…but most restaurants do at WDW, so I’m sure they do too.


OK, question about the Candlelight Processional Dinner Package…can you use it with the Dining Plan?? Let’s say I want to go to Le Cellier, but I want to use TS credits from the Dining Plan. Can I?? And is it only 1 TS credit?? If so, I am DEFINITELY doing it in December!


I can’t wait to see the candlelight processional next year, I’ll totally do the dinner package (as long as I’m not IN the choir :smile:)


I have heard that you can use a dining plan credit for the Candlelight Processional.


The dinner package is the way to go. They do have different ‘tiers’ for pricing, based on the restaraunt you want to go to.