Candlelight Processional Package Info


I just got off the phone with Disney Dining and wanted to let all of you Nov/Dec trippers know that they will be releasing CP Packages and info on June 23rd. That’s what the CM told me! Seems kind of early this year, but whatever…I hope that is accurate info! :blush:


If I make ADRs next week, can I change and hook up a CP package the week after (23rd)?

Will Lassie save Timmy from the well in time?


If you make ADRs next week, you will have to book a new CP Package when they come out THEN cancel your existing ADR (just to ensure you have a ressie at the place you want to eat).

Of course Lassie will save Timmy on time! :laugh:


Thanks so much for the info, I have been trying to find out when the dates would be announced when I called for a couple of ADRs 180 days out (that was 8 days ago, and they stated they did not know yet. They also said that they “thought” it might be made public sometime in July.


Thanks We will be ready to book, but for chrismas eve will I have to wait for 160 days.


It’s 180 days.


I stand corrected. 20 days could mean a world of difference around the holidays.


at what place do they have them,we are going down the 1st week of dec,still trying to get into lecellier


I hope I can do this for my birthday this year. I hope it EVERY year, but maybe THIS will be my year! :happy:


We are going Dec 21-23 and the CM told me to start calling 7am 180 days out if you want ANY chance of ADRs around the holidays . . . it’s going to be a challenge! :blink:


We are going to make our best attempt. We are not getting the dinning plan this time so we are really focusung on a few special dinners and we will wing the rest.