Candlelight Processional question


I am looking to go to the Candlelight Processional during our Thanksgiving week trip. Going by last year’s dates, the 1st night was the night after Thanksgiving. I am able to make my ADRs May 25th - but last years Candlelight Processional dinner pacakages didn’t start booking until July.

Should I make my ADR for a regular dinner when I can in May and then can they just switch it to the Candlelight Processional Dinner once they allow you to book it?


I would do that just in case.


Always go with the contingency plan!


That is what I would do. Just in case. Better to be safe than sorry.:mickey:


Make that ADR in May,but realize that you will have to call and book the Candlelight Processional package. They will NOT automatically change it over to the CP package for you.





I made the mistake last year of thinking that I would automatically go from my regular reservation on Christmas Eve to a CP reservation. Not sure why I thought that. Needless to say, we did not get to watch the Candlelight Processional on Christmas Eve like we originally planned. I will definitely not make the same mistake this year!


I see you’ve gotten my advice before I gave it. Make a reservation for now and cancel when and if you get your first choice.


OK, so I’ll book the dinner when its time to make my ADRs and then change it when the processional package opens up.

So, if I book a regular ADR at LeCellier - when I change it to the Candlelight Proc Pkge, do they just change the original ressie or do I have to cross my fingers and book it again as if it were a new reservation?


I’m pretty sure that 2 years ago, they went on sale in the beginning of August.

That strategy worked for us two years ago…If you don’t have a backup plan, you don’t have a plan!


Last year,packages went on sale the first or second of July.


Book your ADRs as soon as possible including the day you want the Candlelight Processional. When the packages go on sale, call back and book the Candlelight Dinner Package and cancel your original ADR. The ADR will not transfer over automatically. This is how it was explained to us by a CM. 1/2 the seating in the restaurant is for regular diners and 1/2 for Candlight Processional packages. Otherwise the restaurant would be entirely taken up with Packages and no one else would get to dine. It’s like having 2 separate sheets of paper for the ADRs. 1 for regular ADRs and 1 for Packages. The 2 do not cross over. We booked an ADR for Le Cellier when we were able to for the night we wanted the Processional. When the packages were released, we called back and booked the package with dinner at Le Cellier. The system did flag our existing ADR to indicate that we already had a regular ADR at Le Cellier an hour later. We told the CM that we would be cancelling the original regular ADR but we wanted to make sure we had a confirmed ADR for the Processional first. We got the Processional ADR and the CM cancelled our original one. We figured that even if we didn’t get manage to get the Processional Package, we would have dinner and try to see the Processional standby. One thing to remember. You must have dinner before your Processional time. You will receive your Processional tickets at the end of dinner. We will be doing exactly the same thing this year. Booking a dinner ADR for Marrakesh this time at our 180 day mark and cancellling it when we book our Processional Package dinner in the summer.