Candlelight Processional


Anyone know when the dates will be released for this? Is it every single day? How many shows a day?

I am looking to do the dinner package when I go in December, and want to have all the information in hand when I make my ADRs. Yes, I know I have some time…I need to make my ADRs in the beginning of June! But I just want to be PREPARED.

Can anyone help??



Hi Kim,

I found something about them selling them around Aug 15th last year. But I couldn’t find out when they released the dates and who was peforming.


I think there are 3 shows per evening, and it runs almost every night up until Christmas. But I don’t remember when the dates come out.


You can get good info from Allears. It’s still last year’s info.

Here’s what I’ve found so far:

It begins late November and runs every evening until December 30. Shows are approximately 40 minutes. Each evening there are three shows – 5:00 p.m., 6:45 p.m., and 8:15 p.m.

quartz is right, dinner packages were available Aug. 15 last year.

Hope this helps


Kim, you’ll absolutley love the Candlelight Processional. We usually go 3-4 times every Christmas season (at least once with a dinner package) to see different narrators. It’s one of our favorite WDW events every year.

Of all the narrators we’ve seen, Rita Moreno is simply wonderful. We’ve seen her several times and her enthusiasm is something to behold. She’s been a narrator for the last three years and usually appears early in the schedule. She was the first presenter the last two years.

Running a close second among narrators is Edward James Olmos. He wasn’t on last year’s schedule for the first time in four years but we’re hoping he’s back in 2006.

When you book your Candlelight Processional dinner package, you’ll have a choice of eating dinner first and then attending the performance, or watching the performance first and then going to the Processional. I recommend watching the show first and eating afterward simply because that way you can relax and enjoy your meal in a leisurely fashion without worrying about getting to the show on time. Doing it in this order also gives you more flexibility in choosing a restaurant since you don’t have to concern yourself with how long it’ll take to walk from the restaurant to the America Gardens Theater. For example, if you choose to eat at the Coral Reef you’d have to leave considerable time for the long walk to the theater.

Bottom line, you’ll have a wonderful time. The massed choir and orchestra truly are stirring and magnificent. I still get chill bumps every time I hear it.


Thanks Park Hopper! I have seen the show twice…and my FAVORITE narrator was RITA MORENO!!! DH and I got CHILLS during her reading. A few nights later, we saw Miss America…not sure of her name (this was in 2003) and she was just AWFUL.

I think I will take your advice and go see the show first! I just wanted to know when the dinner packages are offered, so I can book it ASAP.


Hope that Jim Caviezel is scheduled for the time you will be there,Kim. He was the greatest narrator!!! My mother and I saw him 4 times in 2004.


Alma, I keep hoping for him because of all the wonderful things you have said about him!!! I heard he really is the best. I can’t wait until the schedule comes out!!! :tongue:


Chastmastr and I saw Jim Caviezel December before last and he really was incredible! It helps that it’s more than just an acting job with him. He believes what he’s saying and that comes through in his reading. Powerful and moving!!!


I also loved that he started out reading in Aramaic. I thought that was so funny.


That would have been Orlando’s own Ericka Dunlap, who was a student at the University of Central Florida when she was named Miss America. And, yes, she wasn’t very good as a narrator.


Does anyone know if you can use the dining plan for the CP dinner package?


YES, you can!!! I was so excited to hear this!!! I can’t wait to take advantage of the DP in December!!! :wink:


Kim, are you taking your son with you?

Kelsey will be just shy of three (by like 3 weeks) when we’re there. I didn’t know if it would be apropriate to bring her. I was actually considering just making a res for the last show of the night and hoping she would be asleep in her stroller.


So, we can make our ADR’s 180 days out, so in June. But the Candlelight Processional (and I assume dining package) can’t be booked until August. Should we just book our ADR’s in June, then when we can book the Candlelight Processional Dinner Package, book it and back out of one of our ADR’s?


I am sooo sorry, I didn’t even see this!!! Yes, I am bringing my kids. I actually brought my son in 2003, when he was 2. He didn’t understand everything that was going on, but the music was BEAUTIFUL.

Good idea for last show of the night…hoping she’ll be asleep. :angel:


I just got off the phone with Disney’s Dine Line and made all my ADR’s for my Nov/Dec trip. The CM told me to go ahead and make my dinning for the day I want the CP package then when they go on sale to call in and book a CP dinner package at the restaurant of my choice and cancel my original ADR.

You cannot take a current ADR and have them change it to the CP package. You HAVE to make a NEW ADR for the CP package and cancel the original ADR because a certain number of tables are listed specifically for the CP package and a certain number of tables are listed specifically for regular ADRs.


Thank you!!!