Candlelight Processional


Hello out there, how is you all? When can I make my
adr’s for the dining package? I thank you kindly.


90 days in advance.


Great Boss, now who shall we see? I know Brian Dennehy is
the dog that gave my man Rambo a hard time!:laugh: Edward
James Olmos who he? Angelela Bassett who her? and Courtney
B Vance who her? Give me your opinions please.
I thank you kindly


Angela Basset and Courtney B. Vance are wife and husband, most recently she was on ER, and he was on Law and Order. I imagine they will be very good.

Edward James Olmos was in that movie about the principal, can’t think of the name of it right now. Lots of MB’ers have seen him do the Candlelight Processional in the past, and liked him.

I am going to see Andy Garcia.:wub: