Candlelight Processional


Dinner packages for the CP when on sale this morning!


Oh I thought you were announcing the night you will be the narrator…bummer.


I know… aint it wonderful.


I just booked 12/16, 12/17 and 12/19 for Candlelight–couldnt decide, two will be cancelled just dont know which one. I have never been and I am excited!


Rather than start a new thread I am resurrecting this zombie in hopes of some answers. Let me say I know that as of today this year’s were not available yet but when they are:

#1 Are these phone only?
#2 Are they full payment in advance?
#3 Is it a special menu at the restaurants?
#4 Do they book up quickly or can I wait till ten the day they go on sale?


Have the narrators been named yet? We had Andy Garcia last year.


Whoops that was an old line-up.


Hey, folks. Nothings has been announced yet. Will be happy to dig this thread up when they pop up or post a new one. Dining packages should be made over the phone. I suppose you could also do them online, but with Disney wonder IT department, you may not get a crack at them the day they open.


a) Yes, I phoned
b) Yes I paid in advance
c) The regular menu was available.
d) I don’t know…