Can't add another room to my res? What?


I am on the phone now. CM says she cannot add a second room onto my reservation with another adult in that room. What? Has anyone else heard this? Is it a new policy?

I am just trying to get a quote for my sister to come in August. We have the bounceback and they said I already have the offer so I can modify it at any time until July. I specifically asked about adding a room- the CM said no problem when I booked. I could have just added the room then but we were not sure.


That doesn’t sound right to me. We have booked 2 rooms on one reservation many times because we are a family of 5, and in order to for us to book at some resorts we have to put me in one room with kids and DH in the other room with one of the kids. I’m not sure that the CM you had on the phone knew what he/she was doing.:ph34r::laugh:I’d call back and see if someone else can help.


I too have booked two rooms many times, however, they do require the names of the other party, and though it is in my name, they have their own reservation number. I’m wondering if the problem is that Disney can’t (won’t) give you the same discount offer on another reservation since the discount has probably expired now.
If you confirmed with a CM prior that you would be able to add a room, ask to speak to a manager and they may be able to work it out.
Maybe you can add the second room to your reservation w/o any adults in the room and then see if they will let you add guests at a later date? Seems silly, but might be a loop-hole.


Try Missy’s suggestion. If not, split the people in your original reservation into the different rooms maybe. That way it’s the same people on the original reservation just expanded. Worth a shot.


What? I just booked 2 rooms for my sister in-law, they even said they would try to get a joining rooms seeing how some of the kids were young.
Something seems to be going in down there, I’ve also gotten’ some crazy answers lately from CM’s!
Good Luck!


I would call back and talk to another CM and see if you can add another room for your original party, just split up.


i just booked for April with a pincode for 2 rooms , one with DH and DS and myself and one room for my brother. Should be no problem, try again!


That’s not right, we add two more rooms on a already booked room.


I know… I think we got it figured out over an hour later. I will tell more later. :slight_smile: Thanks all!